1 Casino Trip, 2 Spins, £15k Slots Jackpot for West Sussex Mom

Most of us believe that, in order to win a sizable slots jackpot, we must be diligent gamblers. We have systematic, albeit mysterious strategies when choosing a machine. We’re careful of our bankroll, and have high hopes of one day, after years of dedication, winning a life altering amount of money. For one UK mother, all it took was one trip to a casino and two spins of the reels.

Debbie Maynard is a 52 year old mom from Horsham, West Sussex, England. In all her years, she’d never once stepped foot in the doors of a casino. But on Friday, May 13 – superstitiously deemed one of the unluckiest days of all – her fortunes aligned into a phenomenal payday worth over £15k.

Ms. Maynard was traveling home on that fateful Friday afternoon with her son George, who she’d just picked up from college. Traffic had just hit peak rush hour, and the last thing she wanted to do was spend another minute sitting on the motorway in unseasonably warm 68 degree weather. So instead, they decided to try something she’d never done before – visit a casino.

She didn’t intend to stay long at the Southampton casino; just enough to avoid the heavy traffic flow before heading home. Fortunately, it didn’t take long at all for Ms. Maynard to find out why slots jackpots are so incredibly popular among gambling enthusiasts.She chose a machine, took a seat and inserted a £10 note. After selecting her bet size and activating paylines, which amounted to just 66p per spin, she pressed the button and watched the reels begin their enigmatic gyrations. The first spin produced no result, so she pressed to button again, and that’s when it happened.

On just her second play of the machine, Debbie Maynard released a fantastic slots jackpot of £15,699.54.

“It was amazing – I couldn’t quite believe it!” She later told the press. “It was just to kill some time so we didn’t get stuck in any more traffic on the way home.”

Mom wins 15k Slots Jackpot
Debbie Maynard (52) wins Slots Jackpot – photo SWNS

Ms. Maynard said modestly that she’s not much of a gambler, and admitted “I didn’t even know what I was doing,” when she sat down at the slot machine. In fact, she received basic instruction from neighboring slots player before she even got started.

“Some chap next to me said you need to press this button and that button,” she explained. “I got bronze, silver and then he said I had got gold – ‘you’ve won the jackpot.’”

She said she wasn’t really certain what that meant at first, assuming the slots jackpot was probably nothing more than a tenner. “There were no flashing lights or anything, but then it flashed up that I had won £15,699.54.”

Amazed by the exorbitant amount of the prize, she said, “I didn’t even know slot machines paid out that sort of money.”

Debbie was particularly moved by the outcry of support from the staff and patrons around her. “Everyone in the casino was genuinely pleased for me,” she said. “It was so touching.”

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