Small Town Grandma wins Ontario’s $18 Million 6/49 Lotto

Yet another millionaire was made this week’s in Ontario’s 6/49 Lotto. Marilyn Pidlaoan, a grandmother from Rosemont, just collected a staggering $18 million prize, becoming the 1,318th person to win a jackpot from the Canadian lottery since it was first established in 1982.

Pidlaoan’s story is an exciting one indeed, mostly because she didn’t even know she had won the extraordinary amount of money for 5 days.

She had purchased a stack of 6/49 Lotto tickets at Shelburne’s Petro Canada on Highway 89, then went about her week as normal. The drawing was held on February 5, with the winning numbers coming up 6, 7, 8, 9, 17, 23, 30, and the bonus number 18. But it would take nearly a full week before Mrs. Pidlaoan realized she held the matching ticket.The press was on hand to get the lucky winner’s reaction as she arrived at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto with her husband Paul and daughter Kristle, all overwhelmed with joy for Marilyn’s new-found fortune.

“I’ve been so busy at work that I didn’t have time to check my tickets until just yesterday,” the lucky winner blushed.

She detailed her experience at a local lottery retailer, where she scanned a pile of tickets on Wednesday to see if she had any winners. On one ticket in particular, she said she saw a cash amount appear on the screen. “I thought it said $18-thousand so I grabbed my ticket and left the store to call Paul.”

6/49 Lotto Winner Marilyn Pidlaoan 6/49 Lotto Winner Marilyn Pidlaoan – photo BarrieToday

Soon after, Paul arrived at the store and the two went back in together to check the ticket a second time. “Marilyn,” he exclaimed, “this is $18 million!”

She told reporters with BarrieToday, “My legs were so wobbly, I needed Paul to help me to my car. When we got home, we called the people closest to us, my father-in-law and our daughter, to share the news,” she said.

Mrs. Pidlaoan confessed that she hadn’t gotten sleep much in the 24 hours between finding out she had won the 6/49 Lotto and actually arriving at the OLG’s payout centre. “It’s all too much to take in right now,” said Marilyn.

Shedding tears of joy, she added, “But I do know I want to share this money with my brothers and sisters in the Philippines and I would love to pay for my young grandson’s education.”

She said her husband Paul will reap the rewards of her fortuitous windfall as well. “Paul is getting a brand new tractor and a nice pair of cowboy boots too!” she laughed.

Beaming, her daughter Kristle expressed her delight, saying “It couldn’t have happened to a better person.”

Paul was equally ecstatic and in great humor as the family retrieved their winnings. “I am more than happy to be Marilyn’s personal chauffeur and I’ll even wear the black hat if she wants me to!” he quipped.

After holding its inaugural drawing in June of 1982, the 6/49 Lotto has officially paid out over $11 billion to Ontario residents, including 1,318 jackpot payments across a total of 3,345 draws to date.

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