BC Canada Table Games earn Big Revenue for Casinos

BC, Canada casino table games spur revenue growth over five years.

Canada Casino Table GamesBritish Columbia has a bustling casino industry. In the last five years, from 2012 to 2016, they’ve seen quite a boost in revenue. Between the 20 largest gambling properties in the province, yield increased a phenomenal 20% overall.

A revenue hike isn’t all that surprising, though. Casinos are entertainment magnets for both locals and tourists. What is interesting, however, is the fact that in BC, Canada, table games are largely responsible for the increase.

BC Canada Table Games Gaining Popularity

Throughout time, slot machines have been considered big money makers for land-based casinos all across North America. This fact is proven by the appearance of hundreds, if not thousands, of slot machines lining the gaming floor – one bank after another, flashing and chiming away their potential profitability for all to see and hear.

In the last five years, however, table game growth has been substantial. According to a report in Business in Vancouver, some casinos are actually generating more revenue from table games than they are from slot machines. That, my friends, is virtually unheard of in the western hemisphere.

Of the five largest casinos in BC, all experienced growth, both in table games revenue and overall revenue. The average increase in table games revenue was up 38% from 2012-16, while overall revenue grew an average of 20.3%.

River Rock & Edgewater Casino Table Games

River Rock Casino Resort is BC’s largest and most profitable gambling destination, packed with over 1,100 slots and 135 gaming tables. Table games revenue was highest here in 2016, totaling $178.9 million. However, that’s $33.8 million (15.9%) less than casino tables brought in the previous year.

Although slot machines only accounted for 47% of River Rock’s revenue in 2016, the $158.7 million they generated represents a significant increase of 18.7%, up from $133.7 million in 2015. So in reality, despite table games being such big money makers for the casino, their popularity here actually declined.

It’s a similar story at Edgewater Casino. Last year, 600 slots and 70 tables graced the gaming floor. Revenue from blackjack, roulette and other table games came to $97.5 million, or 61.1% of overall revenue, with slots bringing in $62 million (38.9%).

In 2016, based on the previous year’s performance, Edgewater reduced the number of the slots to 559, while expanding tables to 75. Those tables continued to yield the better harvest, totaling $98.4 million (59.3% overall), but slots revenue rose to $67.4 million (40.7%).

Slots Continue to Reign Elsewhere

BC Canada’s other top three casinos continue to see the majority of revenue coming in on slot machines. Grand Villa Casino, the second largest overall, grabbed nearly $130 million from its 1,153 slots terminals in 2016. The 64 gaming tables generated a respectable $75.5 million.

Over at Hard Rock Vancouver, 48 tables brought in $49.9 million, while slots made up the bulk of their profits at $103 million. Cascades Casino Resort—the smallest of the big five—only hosts 25 tables, earning $24.5 million in 2016. The property’s 993 slot machines harvested more than 4x that, at $102.1 million.

When you put it all together, slots are still the dominant revenue source in BC, Canada. Casino table games pulled in a total $409.2 million across the big five; an average of $941,900 per table. Slots only averaged $119,340 per machine, but when you consider these five casinos host 4,683 machines altogether, that’s a grand total of $558.9 million, or 57.7% of total gaming revenue.


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