Best Real Money Casino Game of 2018

Live Dream Catcher: The #1 online and mobile casino game 2018.
Best Real Money Casino Game 2018

Here we are, just three days into the new year, and I’ve already been asked the inevitable question:

What’s the best real money casino game of 2018?

Well, I can’t exactly base an answer on anything released this year. Frankly, nothing has been released this year – at least, not yet. But for early birds like Joyce (thanks for your inquiry, btw!), I’ve had to scour all the fresh developments from the previous year.

Picking one wasn’t easy. A lot of new and innovative games hit the virtual shelves in 2017. But I managed to narrow it down pretty quickly, and the winner is…

Live Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming

This game is by far the most unique innovation in the real money interactive gambling industry, not just in the last twelve months, but the last few years. Part of Evolution‘s Live Casino offering, Dream Catcher is a wheel-based game with huge prize potential and fantastic showmanship.

What I love most about this game is the excitement that builds with each new spin of the wheel. It’s not the best paying game. It’s not even a strategy-based game. But more and more people are playing it for the simple fact that it’s so incredibly fun!

I’m not the only one impressed with this revolutionary new live casino game. The judges at the 2017 Global Gaming Awards thought so, too. They were so impressed, they bestowed Evolution with the award for Digital Product of the Year.

Why Dream Catcher is the #1 Online & Mobile Casino Game 2018

Live Dream Catcher Best Mobile Casino Game 2018If you’ve ever walked the gaming floor of any sizable casino, you’ve surely seen one of their big money wheels. It is, well… a big money wheel. It’s a huge standing wheel that features either numbers or images of dollar bills in multiple denominations. Players bet on which number or monetary value the wheel will land on. The higher the number/amount, the less frequent it appears on the wheel, thus the higher the payout for a correct pick.

That’s exactly how the Live Dream Catcher wheel game works. But wait, there’s more…

Because this is a live casino game, it’s hosted by a live person. We’re not talking about the usual, mundane dealers who are professionally trained, but oft lacking in enthusiasm. We’re talking about professional game show hosts.

These are people who know how to build excitement through humor and showmanship. And they do interact with the players – especially those who win big. All the hosts I’ve seen are fantastic. My favorite was the guy who dressed up as The Joker from Batman for Halloween. But I digress…

Essentially, Evolution’s Dream Catcher, aka Lucky Wheel, gives players the experience of competing on a game show. It may sound crazy, but don’t knock it till you try it!

How to Play Dream Catcher Wheel Game

To play, log into an online casino that employs Evolution Gaming’s multi-award winning live casino software. If you aren’t already a member of one, I suggest joining Royal Vegas Casino. Next, make your way to the Live Casino menu and select Dream Catcher from the list.

First, you’ll want to choose an amount to bet. It starts at a mere $0.10, so your bankroll is safe. Then, select a number to bet on. They include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40.

The payout for a win on any of these numbers is equal to its face value. 1 pays 1:1, 2 pays 2:1… all the way up to 40 paying 40:1. The theoretical RTP scales from 90.57% up to 96.58%, depending on the number selected.

Also, there are two special positions on opposite ends of the wheel, a 2x and 7x Multiplier. If the wheel lands on one of these positions, all bets remain in place. The ensuing spin will pay out all wins at that multiplier. If multipliers hit back to back, the first multiplier is multiplied by the second, and the following spin pays that much. So if the 7x hits twice, the next spin pays 49x!

You can see why they call it the Dream Catcher, and why I’ve chosen it as the best mobile casino game 2018 has to offer (so far).

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