Best and Worst Casino Games to Play in Las Vegas

The Best Casino Games in Vegas – and the Worst!

Best Casino Games in VegasSpring has arrived in Canada, but the chill is still in the air. If you’re looking to take a multi-day vacation to a casino, chances are you’d find the warm desert sun of Las Vegas more appealing than the frigid breeze of Niagara Falls. And if you’re planning a trip to Sin City, you’ll want to know the best and worst casino games to play in Las Vegas.

Best Casino Games in Vegas are Off-Strip

Everyone who visits Las Vegas, especially for the first time, wants to experience the biggest, most glamorous casinos on the Strip. The Bellagio and Venetian are certainly sites to see! But get that out of the way first, then do your gaming off the Strip. These locations have the worst casino games with the highest house edge.

You can travel north or south along Las Vegas Boulevard to get better action. Downtown Vegas is a great choice. You’ll have access to the Freemont Street Experience, plus some excellent gaming destinations like Four Queens and El Cortez. Texas Station Casino in North Las Vegas is another great option. The further you travel, the better it gets.

Best Games to Play in Las VegasBlackjack among Best Games to Play in Las Vegas

If you’re hoping to win some money, these are the games you’ll want to stick with. You’ll need a good strategy and a little luck to make a profit, but they definitely offer the best odds.

Blackjack: The absolute lowest house edge can be found at the blackjack tables. Be careful, though. A lot of Vegas casinos only pay 6:5 for a natural blackjack. Don’t play these games! If a blackjack doesn’t pay 3:2, the house edge rises by 1.37%. Again, the further you are from the Strip, the more player-friendly the rules should be.

Video Poker: If you prefer a less social game, head for the video poker machines. Pay close attention to the pay tables. For the lowest house edge, you want a game with “9-6 full pay” (Full House pays 9x, Flush pays 6x). You’ll have to look pretty hard for these, but they do exist in Vegas. Don’t give up!

Craps: If you don’t know how to play craps, sign up at an online casino and play for free until you understand the rules. This is one of the most exciting games in any land-based casino. Knowing what bets are worth placing, and which ones are not, makes a huge difference. Most Vegas casinos offer 3-4-5 odds. If it’s anything less, keep looking.

Worst Casino Games to Play in Las Vegas

Worst Casino Games to Play in Las VegasWith the good always comes the bad, and Las Vegas is filled with terrible games. Some of the absolute worst include…

Poker: Unless you’re a seasoned veteran, poker is not the game to play in Vegas, because everyone else here is. There are a lot of pros in this town, and you don’t want to come up against them unprepared. If you really want to play poker, visit the smaller casinos around town, and get as far from the central-Strip as possible.

Slot Machines: The slot machines on the Vegas Strip have the worst return to player (RTP) in the entire state. Again, you’ll want to travel off-Strip to find the best casino games. In fact, if you’re a slots lover, the Boulder Strip in Henderson is the place to be. It has the highest slots pays of all, averaging 94.33% RTP in 2017. That’s almost as valuable as the slot machines at online casinos.

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