BetFair: The Best Sports Book?

BetFair often calls itself the biggest gambling community in the world, and not without reason. BetFair is one of the most popular and widely available betting sites around, and what’s more, it is also available here in Canada and it also lists iDebit (formerly InstaDebit) as one of its payment methods.

The Hype

So, what’s it all about? Well, the beauty of BetFair actually has nothing to do with its sports book. That came much later. It was the betting exchange that helped to create this community, and that betting exchange also helped to shape online gambling on the whole. BetFair’s betting exchange allows you to offer bets to other players and to take their bets. This works on a seamless system, so that it feels like you’re just betting against the site.

The amount of people offering bets and the amount of people taking them means that BetFair is very competitive, which ultimately creates better odds. Generally, we find that you can get between 10% and 30% better odds on short priced favorites on BetFair, whilst it is not unknown for long-shots to be priced 10 times higher on the BetFair betting exchange than they are elsewhere.

BetFair doesn’t just offer the best odds though, there are also more markets here than there are on any other gambling site. If there is a sport match or a race happening anywhere in the world, there’s a good chance you can bet on it on BetFair.

The Extras

BetFair isn’t just a betting exchange or a sports book. It calls itself the biggest gambling community because it is a one-stop-shop for all things gambling. As well as extensive forums for gamblers to discuss their bets, their tips and more, there is also an arcade loaded with slot machines, a casino where you can play table games, a bingo room, a poker room and even exchange games, where you can bet/lay on the outcome of a game of blackjack or poker.

These aren’t the best in their respective fields, because whilst you’ll struggle to find a better betting exchange, you’ll have no problem finding a better poker room and the bingo room also isn’t up to much. The arcade is one of the best around, although the bonuses are often higher on other sites, and we also love the exchange games, because there is nothing else out there like them.

The Downsides

BetFair doesn’t have the best customer support. They tend to prefer automation — which is how their software was scripted after all — and they seem to treat questions and problems with disdain. However, the software tends to run seamlessly and you should never need to get in touch with their customer service. BetFair also don’t offer huge new member bonuses on their betting exchange, as they don’t earn money directly from your losses (they are paid a minimal rake for all bets). They do run great promotions for loyal members though and they also offer new player bonuses for other areas of their site, with the arcade often being the best in that regard.


Overall, BetFair is the biggest for a reason, and it is also often called the bets for the same reason. This is available in most countries, obviously excluding the US, and as Canadians we are all invited to check this site out. Gamblers south of the border would envy you for this chance, so the least you can do is check it out.

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