The Biggest Casinos in the World Part 1

In this two part article we’ll take a look at the biggest casinos in the world. You might think that the grandest and the greatest are all located in Las Vegas and Macao, but we have a few surprises for you, as there is a lot of wealth and opportunity outside of these gambling capitals.

10. Borgata — Atlantic City

A little over 161,000 square feet, this prestigious Atlantic City casino is the first on our list, coming in at number 10. There are close to 300 gaming tables here and players can also stay in one of the 2,000+ rooms. With a value of over $1 billion, this is one of the biggest casinos in the US and is doing its part to ensure that Atlantic City stays strong in an economic downturn. Other casinos are closing all around it, but it will take something big to topple the Borgata.

9. Casino Lisboa — Lisbon

This may be a surprise entry for some, as Portugal is not really known for its gambling. However, the capital has some great nightlife and generates a lot of money through tourism, so it made perfect financial sense to build this casino here. The Lisboa has 1,000 rooms and is a few thousand square feet larger than the Borgata. It is also one of the most beautiful casinos on this list, looking like a giant throne from the outside.

8. MGM Grand — Las Vegas

The first entry from Vegas on this list is also one of the most famous casinos in the City of Sin. The MGM opened in 1993 and at the time it would have topped this list, but many others have been created since and now it stands as the 8th largest. There are 2,300 slots inside this casino and there are also over 5,000 hotel rooms.

7. Sands Macao — Macao

The Chinese capital of excess, Macao, rivals Las Vegas in everything it does, and when it comes to size, it beats it every step of the way. This casino is far from the biggest in the city, but that doesn’t make the Sands Macao any less impressive. There are only 750 slots here, but there are significantly more table games than the MGM Grand listed above. In fact, there are actually more tables than there are slots here, which is very rare in modern casinos.

6. MGM Grand Macao — Macao

Beating its Las Vegas sibling, the MGM Grand in Macao is a good deal larger, coming in at close to 222,000 square feet. Despite that, there are less than 600 rooms here, which means it has close to a tenth of the total rooms of the MGM Grand in Vegas. That leaves more room for gaming though and there are also 12 bars and restaurants, along with plenty of entertainment space within the MGM Grand. The rooms also tend to be a little more upmarket, catering for high-rollers who want the best of the best during their stay in this rich city.

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