Binary Options Market 2017

With loftier risk adjusted results and much higher sleep-at-night proportions that come from binary options investing, Canadian gamblers share an elevated level of satisfaction knowing they’ll have coffee money tomorrow.

Professional gambling comes with an obvious risk of monetary loss.  In extreme cases, those losses trickle into personal property and even bank accounts.  Therefore, it makes sense to have backup plans when winnings start rolling in.  Question is, how does one make their winnings work for them?

Enter binary options, where time is literally money.  And lots of it, should you invest wisely.

What’s a binary option?

In layman’s terms, binary options are simply educated guesses placed upon any given stock’s future trading activity.  For example, if General Motors will move their stock to $25 to $30 a share at 11AM, you could place an educated wager of $1000 that such a move will occur.  If you’re guess is correct, you’ll receive your $1,000; if the stock trades below your guess or doesn’t move, no money is won.

Binary options differ from stocks as they’ll automatically exercise their option at the time you specify, often referred to as simply ‘yes or no’ trading.  One cannot buy or sell these options as they would stocks, which increases your payoff, diminishes high trading fees yet takes an incredible amount of research to determine historic trends and leverage those against perceived timing.

Minimal work, easy money

Online casinos and binary options underscore how easy money is made with minimal effort.  Sure, timing any binary trade does take some due diligence, article reading, perhaps a few small initial wagers to wet the whistle.  Predicting cards and forecasting corporate stock moves, by design, have similar risk models and hence aren’t any more or less ‘unwarrantable’ than the other.

Those gamblers seeking safe havens for surplus winnings can choose Forex (digital binaries) or standard ‘all or nothing’ binaries (which can still payout, depending on which direction the stock moved).  Thankfully (or unfortunately, depending on your stance), Canada is not only the largest binary market, it’s fundamentally unregulated.

Why other investments have proven defunct

Many affluent gamblers are intransigents in their investment procedures. Over the course of numerous months or years, they will allocate winnings to investment streams which seem, at any given moment, quite attractive.  Unfortunately, reactive investment decisions often lead to inclement losses.  Whereas craps, blackjack and baccarat players calculate losses before playing their first hands, investments in futures such as gold or wheat are intangible.

Investment portfolios are much greater than the sum of their constituents. For example, there’s a specific science to how investments interact with one another, which is very important when choosing your ‘poison’, per se.  More specifically, binary options normally take into consideration an investor’s:

  • Ability and willingness to take on an inevitable risk of loss.
  • Liquidity and income, although these are minimal unless pawning your HDTV to invest.
  • Return objectives, in light of personal, familial and philanthropic goals.
  • Ability to conduct simple research, and understand basic predictive analytics

Assumed risks are much heavier when the investment model is based loosely off unknown market forecasts; binary options hold stability incomparable to other risk adjusted investment models since payoffs are predictable.

Binary options – quickest ROI you’ll ever see

To state an obvious point, gamblers would rather not lose money on mindless conjecture.  Flipping over cards will, 50% of the time, unveil either something you’ve needed or didn’t want.  Cashing out winnings, then re-depositing those winnings into your casino account, offers no more or less risk than binary options – the only difference is, in fact, you’ll win money when time expires with binaries.

Governing one’s volatility is very important for frequent gamblers who, understandably, do not feel comfortable seeing their money placed within investments which could decrease quickly with little to no recourse. Busy online casino pros all need to sleep at night, and highly volatile returns undoubtedly rob gamblers of much needed sleep – what little they’ll get.  Expect the opposite effect with binaries.

Binary options could be the quick money devout gamblers often seek immediately after winning big.

Much like stocks, binary options carry an inherited risk of loss.  Don’t substitute online articles, professional advice or common sense for your own due diligence when making investment decisions.


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