Online Blackjack in Canada: The Real Deal

Canada Online Blackjack: Boldly going where no dealer has dealt before!

Canada Online Blackjack: Boldly Going where No Dealer has Dealt Before!Canadians are in an interesting position these days. Anyone old enough to place a wager – the legal gambling age varies from one province to the next – will find the possibilities are endless. Any time, from anywhere, a wager can be made on virtually anything imaginable. From physical casinos to desktop and mobile gambling sites, here in Canada, anything goes!

It’s not that the government legislated a free-for-all for gamblers. In fact, this great nation outlawed any and all forms of gambling for centuries. Horse racing was the first to gain acceptance, and in the late 1960s, lotteries began taking shape. Then, slowly but surely, more games of chance and skill were authorized. And now, due to the ambiguous nature of federal laws, no matter what’s legal in one province or another, online gambling is open to all Canadians – if not at locally-regulated sites, with thousands of offshore online casinos.

For blackjack players in particular, the abundance of ways to place a wager from anywhere in Canada could be seen as a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there’s always a game to be had. But which game is best? Which has the lowest or highest stakes; the most player-friendly rules; the most entertainment value for your buck?

Today we’ll take a cursory glance at the many ways to play online blackjack in Canada, and what benefits each has to offer.

Homegrown Canada Online Blackjack Sites

If you happen to live in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario or Quebec, you have access to a locally regulated online gambling venue. Anyone physically located in B.C. or Manitoba can register an account with the BC Lottery Corp’s Ontarians can get their wagers on at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp’s In Quebec, is the regulated iGaming property of Loto-Quebec.

All of these websites provide virtual blackjack games where players can bet and win (or lose) real money.

Live Online Casino Blackjack

Live Casino Online Blackjack in CanadaFor B.C. Residents, the options expand further. BCLC teamed up with Evolution Gaming a few years back to host live casino blackjack games. Evolution’s studio is located in New Westminster, where professional dealers facilitate the games in real time, from real casino tables, with real cards. Players join in the action from their desktop or mobile device thanks to Evolution’s state-of-the-art video and audio equipment, streaming the table action via Playnow Live Casino.

Internationally Regulated Online Blackjack in Canada

If you don’t live in one of those provinces, or even if you do, you’ll still have access to a virtual treasure trove of online gambling opportunities via offshore, internationally regulated gaming websites that offer both traditional onlein and live online casino blackjack games. Choosing a reputable casino operator is crucial, but doing so can be a great advantage to genuine blackjack enthusiasts.

Offshore gambling sites are known to offer far better promotions, a larger selection of game rules, and wider range of table limits. Each of these aspects can give players a higher chance of coming away a winner. Whether you’re looking for micro-stakes of $0.50 or below, or high-roller action of $1,000+, with the right set of rules, a proper blackjack strategy, and a generous bonus in hand, it’s not so hard to turn a 99.7% RTP into a winning session on the virtual felt.

Blackjack at Physical Canadian Casinos

Canada Casinos - River Rock Casino BCCanada is home to more than 100 casinos, most of which cater to blackjack players. If you happen to live near one of them, the experience of playing a real blackjack table is like no other. The electric buzz of a land-based casino and social atmosphere of a live table is something every blackjack fan should experience at least once. From there, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. And if you love it, the entertainment value is well worth any travel expenses you may incur.

Personally, I have to be in the right mood to play blackjack at a real casino. I’m not always up to the challenge of socializing, and the table limits are so much higher, $5 or $10 minimums at best. And don’t bother going on a busy night. Unless you get there early, you’ll wait forever to get a seat.

Deciding which is best for you – well, it really boils down to your preferences and time constraints. Loading up an online blackjack table on your mobile device takes only a moment, and you can quit any time life interrupts, making it the most convenient choice of all. If you’re staying in for the night, you can play online or live casino blackjack from home just as easily. If you want a more electrifying night on the town, and you don’t mind competing with more restrictive rules and paying higher table limits, hit the local casino.

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