Canadian Gaming Forecast

There’s probably plenty you’re unaware of regarding the Canadian gaming market. Let’s bring you up to speed on what you can expect across the Canadian ecosystem in 2017

Many people didn’t realize that mergers and acquisitions, multitudes of winners and several casino expansions will happen so quickly in 2017.  Let’s look into the facts as we have seen them unfold throughout the course of 2017 thus far.

Online casinos spreading like wildfire

Professional gamblers are not only playing online blackjack, Baccarat, and slot machines, they are going on to form their own online poker sites. For example, Betway Casino is relatively new yet seems to be quite successful already because they offer a matching bonus of C$1000 and a foray of games that many establishments simply cannot hang with.

Spin Palace Casino, too, offers C$1000 provided you spend an equal amount. Although nobody knows for sure how many more casinos will be formed this year, it’s the assessment of many online gamers that certain laws being put into motion will pave the way for other countries to incorporate their gaming interests inside Canadian territory.

Loyal members treated like royalty

VIP memberships, by design, should offer members the opportunity to earn points which may be redeemed for prizes or Canadian currency. More often than not, these membership simply cost more money than they’re worth. However, it appears that many online casinos are adopting more loyalty-point programs that actually pay for themselves.

In fact, many players gravitate towards certain casinos when they know loyalty points are immediately given after signing up and making a minimum deposit. Watch as 2014 nears completion, and be amazed at how many online casinos have folded because they refuse to offer worthwhile loyalty points programs. Major gaming companies are quickly finding out what attracts players, and what sends them packing.


Gaming via mobile applications explodes

We are already experiencing an extreme rate of growth from mobile application development, and we are of course seeing an extreme rate of growth in the online gambling sector. Therefore, it only makes sense that 2017 should finally see slot machine applications reach fruition. However, it will probably not be easy for one clear ‘champion’ to arise due to an extremely competitive Apple and Android marketplace. Many major online gambling hubs offer downloadable mobile applications which are accessible from virtually any browser.

As 2017 gets underway, look for many more applications to become prevalent in the gaming sector.

Canadian gaming revenue grows to C$100B

In British Columbia alone, revenues from both online and off-line gaming industry has reached C$2.7 billion in 2012 alone. Considering British Columbia’s third among all provinces in casino revenue, coupled with the fact that single event betting should become Canadian law soon, expect revenues accrued from live table gaming and online casino industries to reach C$100 billion by the end of 2017.

Nonprofit organizations, federal emergency funds and various other social service programs benefit the most from online gaming and off-line gambling; therefore, expect many happy CEOs of major organizations when 2017 reaches its peak.

These projections were based off of research, knowledge and several phone calls to online casino operators. Do you have a prediction you’d like to add? We’d love to hear it!


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