Scientific Games probing Casino Game fans for Motivation

Scientific Games wants to know, ‘What motivates you to play real money casino games?’

Scientific Games Researching Real Money Casino Games MotivationScientific Games (SG) is one of the oldest and largest casino games manufacturers in the world. Their success is born of ingenuity, pioneering innovation, and an in-depth marketing program that goes well beyond advertisements.

In recent years, it’s been discovered that one of the most successful ways to market any product is to really know your customer. In fact, the term ‘know your customer‘ has become so commonplace, it earned its own universally-recognized ‘KYC‘ abbreviation. But how do you get to know your customers so well?

SG and a few other companies seem to have it all figured out. They’re using a tactic known as a Market Research Online Community (MROC). It’s the same strategy that lead Kraft Foods to begin selling ‘100-Calorie‘ packs of snacks, based on MROC research that discovered customers are motivated more by ‘portion control’ than ‘diet’ food.

MROC for Real Money Casino Games

The Consumer Insights team at Scientific Games is expecting to harvest a great deal of valuable information from their MROC. They call it ONE Voice, a multi-jurisdictional, motivation-based platform where consumers and market researchers can communicate in real time.

“ONE Voice is an advanced way of conducting research because it offers us three ways to learn from engaged consumers,” says Ambika Jack, Director of Consumer Insights and Global Research for SG. MROC methods include communications from:

  • Researchers to Consumers
  • Consumers to Researchers
  • Consumers to Consumers

Having spent the last 14 years in SG’s marketing department, she knows better than anyone that 3-way communication is more proficient than traditional product paneling. “These 360-degree, one-on-one interactions are very meaningful,” says Jack.

What Motivates Players, and Non-Players?

marketing lottery,mobile games and real money casinos gamesMost of the information SG’s researchers gather will come from actual players of their games, including lottery products, casino games, mobile games, etc. But knowing what motivates existing players is only half of the puzzle.

Jack explains that they are “also hoping to get a better understanding of non-players.” By interacting one-on-one with people who don’t gamble, they hope to “learn what new products might be developed to appeal to their interests”.

Of course, it might not be so easy to attract non-gamblers to the online gaming community. SG didn’t attempt to explain how they plan to achieve that. The number one goal, however, is to learn the answer the ever-nagging question:

How do we develop games that attract new players; specifically younger generations of players?”

SG feels that MROC is the best way to accomplish that, partly because it’s the number one mode of communication among today’s younger generation. “With MROCs like ONE Voice, consumer feedback is sought and given in real time, just like the digital, on-demand world we live in today,” Jack says.

Player Segmentation by Motivation

Throughout the years, market researchers have always segmented customers by standard values like age, gender and ethnicity. Scientific Games is learning that player segmentation by motivation is proving much more successful; just like the Kraft Foods example given above.

“When we segmented our players by motivation, we discovered that each segment included players of both genders, all ages and ethnicities. From this, we learned that success more often comes from products developed based on consumers’ motivations and needs, regardless of their age,” explains Jack.

For example, they’ve learned that 50% of instant lottery ticket buyers also play slot machines. They’ve also learned that 75% of slots fans play draw games, and 74% play instant lottery games.

The One Voice community has already attracted over 2,000 active consumers. SG is confident that, as the community continues to grow, it will become an integral part of their production plans for new lottery games, mobile games, and real money casino games.

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