The New Face of Casino Skill Gaming

Evolution of casinos and playing skill games for real money.

In the last few decades, what most of us consider “skill gaming” has changed an awful lot. Gambling on skill games is especially different. Games manufacturers rarely design titles to target mentally adept players so much as they do the more dexterous variety.

Skill Games of Old

Casino Skill GamingIn the old days (and by old, I mean anywhere from the 1950s to just a few years ago), skill games were easy to pick out of a crowd. They included traditional board games, like chess, backgammon, even checkers. These games are clearly driven by erudite strategy, where the more mentally adept player is highly favored to win.

Land-based casinos really didn’t offer these types of games. They saw little to no value in it. Sure, they could collect a rake on buy-ins, much like poker, but a chess game can last for hours. How much can you really make off two players in such a long game? It would be a waste of valuable casino space.

Online gambling sites saw value in them, though. They don’t require space, and won’t lose out on any revenue for it. Every game played for real money is butter on their bread.

Knowing this, casino skill games showed up at online gambling sites years ago. While they don’t draw the same crowds or revenue as slot machines or virtual blackjack tables, they were still a viable niche market.

Casino Skill Gaming Today

Oh, how that tides have shifted in recent years. Today’s skillful casino games are nothing like the old ones. And most surprising of all, it’s the land-based casinos that are jumping on the opportunity to provide them. The online variety? Not so much. And it has a lot to do with the generation gap.

If you’re under 40, chances are you grew up playing video games. Whether it was Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros, Need for Speed or Call of Duty, once console and PC video games came along, board games held a lot less appeal. And that’s where the biggest difference lies.

Today’s skill games are often played with a gaming controller. Erudition and mental acuteness still apply, but it’s a player’s dexterity and reaction speed that rules this new gaming world. The ability to process information in lightning speed and react appropriately is key.

Playing Skill Games for Real Money

Max Damage Alien Attack Skill GamesAs kids, we may have become quite efficient in beating these types of games. Now, as adults, we are being given the opportunity to play them for real money. E-Sports, for example, is a type of skill gaming wherein players compete against each other, often as teams, in video game tournaments. There are also single-player skill games that combine the cabinetry of a slot machine, with the experience of an arcade, often equipped with X-box style game controllers.

Now, playing skill games for real money means gambling on your ability to perform well in a video game. Online casinos do offer a small variety of games such as this, like Microgaming‘s Max Damage and the Alien Attack. However, they are popping up in bricks-and-mortar casinos as fast as manufacturers can make them, all in an effort to attract today’s youngest generation of would-be gamblers onto the casino floor.


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