Online Casino Software – To Download, or Not To Download?

Why no-download casino games are considerately preferred in 2018.

No-Download Casino GamesThe online gambling industry has come a very long way in the last two decades. At one time, most decisions on how we accessed the games were made for us, depending on what computer system we owned. Now, we have choices. Lots and lots of choices! Download them, don’t download them, play them on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet… Operators now cater to their players more than ever before.

In the beginning, games could only be played on a Windows PC computer, requiring the elongated download of a massive software file. If you had a Mac, you were out of luck. The industry certainly didn’t want to alienate potential players, and they only had two options. They could either develop a Mac-friendly download, or find a way to deliver the games to all computer systems, without requiring a download at all.

They actually took both routes. First, the companies that create the gaming software made an instant-play version using Flash technology. Then the biggest brands went a step further, redeveloping all of their games for Mac compatibility.

Why do both, you ask? Because the instant-play variety was so much smaller than what their downloadable casino clients were offering, and their most avid players wanted access to everything.

In today’s ever-evolving world of modern technology, players no longer have to worry about these things. Now, very few players bother downloading the full casino suite to their desktop computer. Mobile casino players rarely bother seeking out an app, either. And here’s why…

No-Download Casino Games Take the Cake in 2018

Downloadable casino platforms still exist, but not too many players see fault in going the no-download route. There are far too many benefits of playing instant-play casino games.

On the one hand, downloadable software does usually come with a larger variety of games. But just how many games do you think you’ll actually play? Most internet gamblers are the recreational type. They deposit modicum amounts, and play for low limits. Accessing a plethora of 400+ games, like the Microgaming instant-play platform provides, should be more than enough for unending entertainment. Unless you’re a big spender with way to much time on your hands, a download simply isn’t necessary.

Internet connection speeds are much faster than they used to be, as well. In the old days, it was worth waiting a few hours for the files to download and install. You’d never have to wait for a game to load again. But now, with HTML5 optimization, the instant play games load up on any system in mere seconds, and the animations run smoother than butter on a hot plate.

Who needs all those extra files clogging up their hard drive, anyway? Today’s casino games are highly involved, with crystal clear graphics and animations that often come in enormous file sizes. Sure, they download faster now, but that’s a lot of precious space to give up on your hard drive.

Last but not least, there aren’t nearly as many people who actually access online casino games from a computer anymore. In 2017, for the first time ever, more internet gamblers began playing from their mobile devices than desktop/laptop computers. That’s not just a fad, but an exponentially growing trend.

As you may have noticed, every adult in the free world owns a smartphone or a tablet, if not both. We use them for everything imaginable. And while mobile casino apps are becoming more popular these days, the issue remains the same. Why clog your internal storage with a downloadable casino app, when you could access the no-download casino games from your mobile device just as easily?

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