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Instant Banking Casinos – Citadel Payments at Canada Gaming SitesInstant Banking Casinos - Citadel Payments at Canada Gaming Sites

Citadel is a fast, secure and convenient way to pay your bills. The term “Citadel”, for which it was so aptly named, literally means the ‘fortified part of a settlement’. When it comes to online banking, this payment method is as safe and secure as Fort Knox.

So, how do you use this impregnable payment option, and where can you find the real money casinos that will let you? We’ll answer these questions and more in the following Citadel casino guide.

What is Citadel – Instant Banking for Today’s iGamers

Put simply, Citadel is an Instant Banking feature that lets you send and receive money quickly. If your bank, credit union or financial institution provides an online banking service – and who doesn’t these days? – then you should be able to use it. Citadel utilizes the same system that most of us use to pay household bills, minus the periodic payment structure.

Citadel is quick and incredibly safe to use; both splendid qualities to possess when moving money overseas. However, the main attractions are the fact that it is so readily available, and so very easy to use. There is no lengthy setup process. In fact, there is no setup process at all. Odds are, it’s already a part of your online banking service. It’s not a web wallet, either, so you won’t have to transfer money into Citadel before you can spend it.

Because Citadel works through your existing online bank account, all you have to do is tell it how much money you want to send, and where you want to send it. In the case of online casino deposits, you can be playing with that money in a matter of minutes.

How to Use Citadel at Online Casinos

If you have an online banking account, then you should be able to use Citadel. When you find a compatible online casino (which we’ll discuss below) you just need to select “Instant Banking” from the cashier’s deposit options. It doesn’t have to say Citadel, or Instant Banking by Citadel (although it might). So long as the phrase Instant Banking is present, it does the job.

Once you choose this option, you’ll be provided with a drop-down list of Canadian banks. These are all the banks that support the Instant Banking method. Look for your bank on the list and select it. If you don’t see your bank listed, skip the next paragraph for further instruction.

Once you’ve chosen your bank, you’ll be redirected to its website to log into your online banking account. Choose the amount that you wish to transfer to the casino, then approve the payment. That’s it. The money will be transferred to them, and you’ll you’ll be able to play with it instantly.

If Your Bank Doesn’t Feature Citadel…

If you can’t use Citadel Instant Banking directly through your bank, don’t worry. You still have options. You’ll simply need to download the Citadel app first. This is just as easy to use, just as safe, and aside from the act of downloading and installing the app, just as quick for transferring money. Once you get the app, you can follow the above instructions to complete your online casino deposit.

Can I Withdrawal Casino Winnings with Citadel?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. If Instant Banking is available for withdrawals at your online casino of choice, just follow the instructions provided to cash out your winnings. You’ll need to have made at least one deposit with Instant Banking to use this method for withdrawal.

If the payment method is not available, you’ll need to choose another cashout option. If that’s the case, you can always just select a bank transfer to ensure the money ends up right back in your bank account. It’s the same process, really, except of course that Citadel’s services are faster.

Where to Find Citadel Instant Banking Casinos

There are more banking options available to Canadians than ever before, and nowhere is this more evident than at online casinos. These operators understand that if they don’t have a customer’s preferred deposit method, then that customer will turn tail before giving them a second thought. Competition in iGaming is fierce, and as a result, the best online casinos work incredibly hard to offer a bevy of popular payment options; not just credit cards, debit cards, and web wallets, but Instant Banking options like Citadel.

Any respectable casino that caters to Canadian players will offer this as an option. Such is the case with the big Digimedia casinos. They’ve proved to be very popular here in Canada, as well as in places like like the UK and much of Asia.

Digimedia is an established and respected brand, and one that is responsible for millions of dollars worth of transfers. Their biggest casino, and the one that is most popular in Canada, is Royal Vegas, but they also own Platinum Play and a few others. And these are by no means the only options at your disposal. Just look for casinos that are open to Canadian players, then check their banking options before you make a deposit.

Many of the casinos that don’t offer much variety will try to hide these from you, assuming that if they can convince you to sign up first, you’ll make exceptions to your preferred banking method. Don’t fall for this trick. If the use of Instant Banking – or whatever method you prefer most – isn’t clearly visible when you visit the casino, move on. The bigger casinos, and the ones you should focus your efforts on, will proudly display these options right on their home page.Gaming with Citadel Casino Payments Canada

Just look for the Citadel badge or for an Instant Banking logo. You can also visit the casino’s “Banking Options” page to confirm it.

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