Canadian Gambling Cruises

Need to change gambling venues, and tired of staring at snow? Would you also rather avoid going into the United States for your next gambling vacation? Canadian cruises may be in your future.

Enjoying that liberating feeling that only cruise ships can offer often means doing without your favorite pastime, which is gambling at land based casinos. Norwegian Cruise lines are just one of a myriad of available casino boats where you can enter burdened with stress, and come back feeling rejuvenated. Here we present several Canadian gambling cruises at your disposal year-round.

From USA to Canada

Americans who love exploring the thrashing seas, and love to gamble while doing so may leave from Boston on a seven night excursion which will take them into Québec City. With proper identification, an open mind and plenty of Canadian currency, gambling aficionados will be taken through the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Halifax, Prince Edward Island and have the opportunity to gamble at every city the cruise ship ports.

Depending when these vacation packages are booked, prices can begin as low as $100 per night, with very few blackout dates throughout the year. Once in Québec city, Casino Octo will offer blackjack fanatics a full day of thought-provoking card flipping while shopaholics can visit extravagant boutiques.

On the Atlantic Ocean side of Canada resides an even greater opportunity for Americans to gamble in Canadian territory. Vancouver, known for its Chinatown district and lavish nightlife, is the perfect docking spot for casino-bound tourists on their way up to Alaska. Royal Star Riverboat Casino doesn’t stray too far from the area, but has quickly risen to stardom because it’s 20,000 square foot of nonstop entertainment, excitement, and larger jackpots than some of its East Coast counterparts.

Apart from the riverboat discussed above, most all cruise liners that leave from America and travel up the northern coastlines will stop so tourists can gamble at landlocked casinos.

Houston is another common ownership departure point, with several ocean liners traveling around the Gulf of Mexico, around Florida and up the eastern seaboard towards New Brunswick. St. John’s, which is well known for its seafood and festivities, has several casinos which the cruise ships that depart from the southern part of the United States frequently visit. These cruises tend to be longer than 10 days, so plan your work vacations accordingly.

Canada exclusive cruises

Apart from Norwegian Cruise lines, we haven’t found too many riverboats or cruise ships that specifically depart Canadian ports and go down to the United States or anywhere else abroad. Princess Cruises has 10-night cruise packages that depart Québec City and travel to either Fort Lauderdale or New York City, although the gambling is rather minimal on these cruises. Vancouver packages can travel as close as Seattle or as distant as Los Angeles with minimal gambling on the ships as well.

Interestingly enough, Canadian gamblers can enjoy local cruises that depart from Québec City, dock into Halifax and return back to port the same day.  Also, because Prince Edward Island is situated with water on three sides, it is relatively easy to cruise from Halifax to the island, or take a quick day trip to New Brunswick. Another option is taking a cruise from Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay, although not many Ocean class cruise liners frequent the Great Lakes.

Unfortunately for those living in the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory and Nunavut, there’s not much cruising going on, let alone to casinos. You will find plenty of snowcapped mountains, however, if you need to gamble on something (like timing the next avalanche, for example).  Beaufort Sea, as expansive and beautiful as it may appear, is apparently not good enough for navigating cruise ships as only geographical explorers head up that far.

Ride, Sally, Ride

Gambling and cruising mix two Canadian pastimes into one long journey. You can find several options at your local travel agency where you can go as close as 100 miles, or travel longer than 5000. Plenty of cruise deals happen throughout the summer time, so pack your suitcase and your love for gambling as these cruise ships are not sitting around and waiting for you to hop on them anytime soon.

If we’ve missed an important travel destination where you can take cruises and gamble simultaneously, please mention them in the comments section or contact us so we can update this article accordingly. Be safe, win big, and never forget that you only live once.


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