eCheck Deposits Update (2017)

PayPal seriously frowns on gamblers making deposits using their Premier accounts.  Sometimes debit cards get lost, and other payment methods are unstable.  This leaves one option, and it’s gaining traction in today’s Canadian casino world.  We present you electronic check deposits.

Online casinos want your business.  You, the gambler, requested more deposit options at many Canadian gaming hubs.  Therefore, it only makes sense that electronic cheques, or eChecks, has gained stardom among bettors seeking quick, secure depositing options.  Can the trend last?

Limitations Limit Gambling

Think of every method conceivable to deposit money quickly into your casino account, knowing today’s digitally driven commerce world has made strides in security and technology: you have debit cards, credit cards, Skrill, wire transfer and PayPal (although, for the record, PayPal strictly upholds their acceptable use policy on using funds for gambling).  However, what if you had access to your bank account and could move money into your casino account quicker, and without ‘per transaction’ limitations – or, even worse, embarrassing credit card declines?

Depending on your issuing bank, credit cards and debit/ATM cards will have certain daily spending limits, whether via POS or internet.  Skrill isn’t quite reliable and PayPal torches the accounts of gamblers nearly instantly.  More limitations mean less gambling, which makes for an unhappy gambler; therefore, utilizing electronic checks saves everyone from being angry.

How eChecks Work

Unlike two decades ago when checks were papered promissory notes, today’s electronic cheque simplifies payment processing using an intriguing verification loop.  When online casino players enter their bank account information and submit, one server communicates with another server which will take a snapshot of your bank account’s available balance.  Provided the amount you’ve requested is equal to, or less than, your available balance, an approval code is immediately sent back to the sending server.  From there, they process your check as normal and provide funds immediately for use.

We should disclose that some online casinos still process cheques slowly, meaning regardless how often you’ve submitted ‘good’ cheques for payment, the verification process takes 3-4 business days.  Check with each casino’s cashier policies before writing your first cheque.

Seems like eChecks could leave banks and casinos open to fraudulent activity; in rare cases, duplicity can happen by tendering bad electronic checks, although the occurrences are much less than credit or debit card fraud.  Moreover, eChecks significantly impact shopping cart abandonment that other casinos experience when leaving cheques off the table.

Interestingly enough, most all Canadian casinos either accept electronic cheque payments or intend to soon due to their high success rate and low fraud percentages.  Moreover, cashiers in many casinos allow withdrawal of winnings back to bettor’s bank account.

Less Fees, More Match Play

Canadian casino markets are notorious for offering matching bonuses upon depositing funds.  Credit cards charge fees, wire transfers take too long and other online depositories aren’t privy to offering interaction with casino servers.  Electronic cheques are written for free, contain no fees and offer the opportunity to increase matching deposits significantly.  Also, becoming an instant VIP player (which either happens by purchasing memberships or betting significant amounts of money) means you’ll enjoy benefits others who make smaller deposits can’t touch.

Toshiba has submitted an amazing utility patent which would make the verification process instantaneous, meaning eChecks would become an equal tool for making deposits much like debit, credit and other depository methods.

Death of Bank Cards?

To isolate credit card fraud, Citigroup and similar corporations have placed daily spending limitations on credit products.  The same corporations, of course, believe that everyone who transacts with online casinos stole the credit card they’re using.  Combine Toshiba’s pending patent with an already flourishing Canadian online gaming sector, and bank card usage will steadily decline.  At least from the multimillion dollar Canadian gaming market’s perspective.

Electronic cheque payments continually help online casinos grow.  They’re helping players realize that gambling can be safe, fun and lucrative.  Suffice it to say, internet gambling hubs disavowing such payment methods are robbing themselves of the millions being spent every month in casinos who freely welcome such payment methods.  With higher matching deposits, perks and quicker funds availability, it’s no wonder eChecks are taking precedence over plastic payment methods where online gambling is concerned.

Check with each casino’s cashier rules, or email their support should any questions arise.  Expect first-time depositors to have lower initial eCheck deposits than those who’ve been playing for several years.




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