eCheck Poker — Making it on Pokerstars

As things stand, Pokerstars is one of the few sites that accepts eChecks as a deposit method. There are many other methods accepted as well, but for Canadians and anyone else who wants to use this safe and simple method (Pokerstars is not available in the US) this is a great way to load your Pokerstars account.

When it comes to online poker, there is no bigger site. It has had its detractors, most sites have, but many of those are angry players who seem to think the system is against them, because clearly the bosses at Pokerstars have nothing better to do than rip off some random guy by letting his opponent luck-out against him. The truth is that there is no better software out there, and as Pokerstars also has more players than any other poker site, you’ll also find more games, bigger games and way more loose players.

With that in mind, here are some tips for making it as a successful Pokerstars member.

Find Loose Players

There are a lot of loose players on Pokerstars, but there are also a lot of professionals and really good amateurs. You just need to know where to look to find the former and avoid the latter.

The worst place you can go is the free-rolls. There are some very right and good players in here, believe it or not. They value money more and will do more to hold onto it and win it. The super-low stake games are also, counter intuitively, not filled with loose players. The best stake to find these players is between $10 and $20. This is where the gamblers reside, people who will throw $20 at a tournament of poker just like they would a slot machine.

Aim for $10 sit-and-goes during peak times and late at night. You can also play the big tournaments held during peak times, but bear in mind that these attract as many pros as they do fish. Avoid daytime and off-peak, as you’ll find players that make a living from poker and are trying to make a living from it, as well as players who spend all their days playing it because they don’t have a job to go to. Late at night, however, you get a lot of drunk and clueless players.

Mix it up on Zoom

Zoom is a fast-paced cash game that is exclusive to Pokerstars. basically, you move from table to table in no time at all. As soon as you fold one hand on one table, you will be moved to another table and dealt another hand. This fast-paced play means that it is very easy to sit and wait for premium hands, which is what most players do.

That means that when you see a flop with another player, 50% of the time you can tell whether they have hit or not, knowing that they likely hold a super-premium hand. They will be thinking the same about you, so if you go in with a less-than premium hand and you hit, you will throw them off. You can make a lot of money playing Zoom this way, just be sure to fold the flop if you have missed and never bet big on the first round of betting.


If you have some spare time and not enough cash to buy-in to the big tournaments, then play the satellites instead. These are fiercely contested and you will find some great players here, but a little luck and some persistence and you can win your way to an expensive ticket worth hundreds of dollars. You can even enter satellites for WSOP Main Event tickets, which is what Chris Moneymaker did all of those years ago, before scooping the Main Event pot.


There are many poor variants on Pokerstars and many ways to test your knowledge of the game. The beauty of Pokerstars is that, because of the huge memberbase, even the more obscure variants have games that fill on a regular basis. Try your hand at all of them, because you never know when you’ll run into one that fits your style and your ability. Games like Badugi, Draw and Stud are the main ones to consider, as these differ greatly from Hold’em and also tend to have very weak players.

Competition Events

You might not have the chance to go to the WSOP, the EPT or the WPT, but as a poker player you have no doubt dreamed of such chances. Luckily, there are online versions of these big events, and many of them are on Pokerstars. The best of these is the WCOOP, or the World Championship of Online Poker. In this event there are many tournaments played across many variants. The trick is to try and enter as many of them as possible because as well as the individual prizes and pots, there is also an all-time leaderboard for the players who have done consistently well. Technically, you can win the entire thing despite not winning a single event. There is also the SCOOP, which is the Spring Series of Online Poker and is just as big.


If you make it to the final table in a big tournament, then Pokerstars will give you the option to “Deal”, which is something you should consider. Basically, this will take all of the money for the remaining places, and it will split it equally with the remaining players. There are also deals that will give slightly more to those who have more chips. This is a great option for all players and a great reward for making it that far. Also, it is an option that many players are ready to take. You can discuss it with the table first or you can press “Deal” straight away. It can be done at anytime on the final table, but it needs all of the remaining players to agree to it. Once they do, and once they click the button, the game will pause and a mediator will visit the table to discuss and make the deal. The game will still play out to the end so that the winner can be decided, but if a deal has been made, most of the players will go all-in until the end.

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