Depositing at Interac Casinos Today

Why Today’s Canadians are Turning to Interac Online Casino Deposits

Why Today’s Canadians are Turning to Interac Online Casino DepositsWhen we began this website – what seems like ages ago, now – its content was centered around the pure and simple fact that instaDebit (now iDebit) had no equal. In terms of secure payment systems, specifically those available to Canadian players for the purpose of iGaming, only iDebit was capable of providing such a seamless fund transfer; one in which no banking details would ever need to be shared with the online casino, or the processing unit (iDebit itself). Then came Interac Online.

Interac is a Canadian interbank network that connects banks across the country and makes the process of sending money from bank to bank quick, easy, and ultimately safe. It’s not a new system, mind you. The Interac network was established way back in 1984; a system built by banks, for banks. But it wasn’t until the late 2000’s that the network expanded to facilitate international bank transfers.

Interac eTransfers – Moving Real Money in a Digital World

In 2010, the Interac network had grown to 80 banks, including all of the ‘Big Five’; BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank, and TD Trust. It was being used in close to 60,000 ATMs around the country. By 2021, it had extended its reach even further, transitioning from a common convenience to a mainstream, must-have security blanket for all manner of banking in Canada.

Internet banking is where this feature has really come into its own, though. Since the dawn of the online banking age, its size, its wealth, its global capabilities have grown tremendously. Although it is at its biggest in Canada, Interac can also be found elsewhere. It can also be used south of the border in the United States.

In this article, we’ll look at ways that you can use Interac to deposit at your chosen casino. We’ll also point you towards the best casinos that use Interac, while discussing the benefits of this popular service.

Depositing With Interac

Interac Online LogoBecause Interac is an integration of Canadians banks, to make an Interac deposit, you first need to log onto your bank account. All of Canada’s major banks and credit unions – and many of the minor ones, too – facilitate Interac transfers. To see if yours does, simply log into your bank account and look for the Interac logo (pictured right). It’s typically displayed in clear view. If you can’t find it, consult the bank and ask them, or you can view the current list of banks that accept Interac (a.k.a. Interac Acquirers).

Interac has become so commonplace in the Canadian market that, quite frankly, if your bank or financial institute doesn’t support it, then you should seriously consider joining a different bank. Or, call your bank and complain about it. Interac is so easy to integrate, if your bank doesn’t have it, they are lagging behind and need to catch up. But I digress…

Interac Online Casino Deposits – Step By Step

Once you’ve confirmed that your bank supports Interac casino deposits, you need to log into the online casino you intend to send money to. Navigate to the banking section, choose Deposit, and select Interac from the list of available methods. Here, you’ll find either an email address or phone number to use as the operator’s Recipient ID. You’ll also need to provide a security question and answer. Anything will do, so long as you and the casino have the exact same answer, word for word. Capital letters and spelling count, to be precise. When you’re all set, the casino will direct you to log into your online bank account to complete the transfer.

From your online banking site, tap on the Interac logo. Choose to make an Interac e-Transfer. You’ll need to enter the Recipient ID provided by the online casino (email or phone number), and the amount that you want to deposit. Finally, you’ll be asked to enter the security question and answer; the one you already supplied to the online casino.

Once all the required fields are supplied, press the submit button. The recipient (online casino) will get an email or SMS text message to notify them of the transfer. This communication will contain the security question, which they’ll need to reply to with the correct answer. The moment they do, the money is released, and your casino account is credited.

What are the Benefits of Interac Deposits?

While it might sound like a long process, which can be very off-putting, especially in a world of modern conveniences, where everyone wants everything done quickly. But the truth is, it’s actually one of the quickest options available. The entire process takes less than ten minutes. There are no initial requirements that can increase the cost or the length, either. It’s one-two-and-done.

Ten minutes? Isn’t that a long time? Well, it’s an over-estimate really. It could only take that long if you’ve never done it before. Get the hang of it, and you’ll cut the time to 2-3 minutes, at most. If you still think that’s too long, think about the added layers of security you’re getting in the process.

Because Interac is a part of your banking system – rather than a middleman, third-party payment processor – you won’t be divulging any of your most sensitive banking information with anyone. No credit card or debit card numbers, no bank account numbers. All they know is that you’re a member of a bank that supports Interac.

What’s even better, you won’t pay anything extra to make the payment. Interac is already part of your bank. There are no fees attached to it. This makes Interac Online a far more viable and cost effective option than PayPal or any other exalted web wallets.

Stop paying for bank wire transfers!

The users who will benefit the most from this service are the ones who typically resign themselves to bank transfers and wire transfers, whether because they don’t have any other options at their disposal or because they prefer to cut out the middleman and deal directly with their bank accounts. Interac is faster, cheaper, and abundantly more secure.

This is also beneficial on the flip side, when you’re receiving a withdrawal. Typically, you would have to wait up to a week for the money to clear. You’d also have to pay a substantial fee for the pleasure. If you opted for PayPal, you would lose a small percentage of your earnings. Being able to get coillect your winnings quickly and directly is enough of an incentive to attract the majority of Canadian online gamblers.

Interac Online Casinos

Not all online casinos accept Interac deposits. For one thing, it’s only accessible to Canadians, therefore only iGaming operators who truly value their Canadian clientele will go the extra mile to integrate this feature. Luckily, there are a few casinos out there that fit this bill. The Digimedia group is one of the biggest of these.

Digimedia casinos, which include Royal Vegas and Platinum Play, offer a number of deposit and withdrawal options. These options include common web wallets, credit cards and debit cards, but they also include country-specific options such as Interac.

These are not the only casinos that offer this feature, of course, but they are two of the biggest to offer it. Another highly reputable gaming portal, Jackpot City, also supports Interact eTransfers (along with credit and debit cards, eWallets, and all the other usual suspects).

Take advantage of the inherent safety of Interac.

One of the most crucial benefits of Interac is that it is completely safe. As a result, you can afford to try a few casinos that you would otherwise avoid, either because you don’t know enough about it, or maybe it’s just too new to build a reputation on its own. But when Interac is on the banking list, you know that, no matter what happens, your private details, and your money, will always be safe.

You see, Interac isn’t available to any and all online merchants that want to accept it. Canadian banks are that lenient, or forgiving. They value their customers, and therefore will only allow this service to be promoted by international operators that have proved themselves worthy. They must be financial stable, reputable licensed, and in compliance with regulatory laws. Suffice it to say, if Interac trusts an online casino, you can too.

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