Review of Magnet Gaming’s Feature-Rich Jewel Heist Slot

Magnet Gaming’s Jewel Heist, a fun online slots game with immersive features.

Jewel Heist Slot, Fun Online Slots Game by Magnet Gaming Danish digital games developer Magnet Gaming has been delivering new online casino content on a monthly basis. In February, they released a dual progressive slot called Railroad Express. Now in March, they’re expanding on the double-progressive model with a clever burglary-theme in the new Jewel Heist Slot.

Like most Magnet Gaming titles, this is a unique game with a throng of features. Its graphics and animations are crisp and entertaining, giving players an immersive experience that any heist-film enthusiast can surely appreciate.

Jewel Heist Slot

Jewel Heist is a typical 5-3 reel game on the surface. Its 17 paylines are far from typical, paying in both directions (left-to-right and right-to-left). It has a fixed betting structure that comes in multiple levels, providing for a bet range of $0.10 to $8.00 per spin.

The game’s symbols are mostly jewels of various colors ans shapes. There are only three special symbols in the game – a hand-held push-button device, night-vision goggles, and a suitcase full of multi-colored gems. All of these work as scatters – there are no wild symbols.

Fun Online Slots Features

This game is brimming with five possible features to unlock, including access to its dual progressive jackpots. They include:

Jewel Heist Slot Super JackpotGame Chance

This feature unlocks when three or more hand-held gadgets appear on the screen. The thief begins mapping out a plan, opens the security box, and uses the hand-held device to select which game feature you will play; The Heist, Break-In, Jackpot Flash, or Super Jackpot Flash.

Jackpot Flash

In this feature, the thief faces a wall containing 5 possible prizes. They will flash alternately until one is randomly chosen. If it lands on the Jackpot position, that player instantly wins the smaller progressive jackpot prize. If it lands on the Super Jackpot Flash, that feature will activate. Either way, a win of some size is guaranteed.

Super Jackpot Flash

Similar to the standard Jackpot Flash, but with higher credit prizes and a chance to win the game’s super-size progressive jackpot.


This feature is triggered by landing two or more suitcases of jewels anywhere on the screen in a single spin. The symbols fade, converting to 5×3 grid of 15 grey boxes with question marks on each. The player selects boxes for the thief to shoot with a laser, revealing jewels beneath. Each jewel is worth a set amount of credits. There are a total of 14 jewels and one security camera behind the boxes.

If the player successfully unveils 7 jewels without triggering the security camera, the Jackpot Flash game triggers. Afterwards, the Break-In feature continues. If the player finds the remaining 7 jewels without revealing the security camera, the Super Jackpot Flash game activates. If the security camera is revealed at any time, all collected credits are awarded and the feature ends.

Jewel Heist The Heist FeatureThe Heist

One of the most interesting features, this game unlocks when enough night-vision goggles appear on the reels. Our stealthy thief drops into the game on a wire, dangling about as the player spins 12 times to capture gems from 5 columns, with 7 gems each.

The number spun (1-5) correlates with each column. The thief drops to break the jewel with her hammer, collecting its value in credits. Players can also spin a ?, allowing them to choose which column to steal the next gem from. Gems marked with a +2 or +3 award extra spins, making it possible to collect all gems. It’s also possible to trigger the Super Jackpot Flash feature from here.

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