Do Online Casinos Really Pay Winners?

Are online casinos legitimate? Do winners get paid?

Are online casinos legitimate - Do winner really get paidThis is one for the most common questions asked by people who are considering joining an online casino for the first time. It’s a sensible and justifiable question; especially in today’s age of modern technology, where the potential for fraud seems to be lurking around every corner. If I didn’t know as much as I do now, I’d be asking this question myself…

Are Online Casinos Legitimate?

I’ve been researching this industry for well over a decade now, not just as an informative journalist, but as a hands-on player. The truth is, there’s no single answer to that question. I could honestly say that yes, online casinos really pay winners. They are legitimate. That’s absolutely true. But not in every case.

Fortunately, our fate is in our own hands. We can play it smart, avoiding common mistakes to ensure we get paid for every win. Follow these three simple rules, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

#1 Join Reputable Online Casinos Only

Unfortunately, there have always been – and will always be – rogue operators out there looking to make a quick buck. They’ll accept deposits for a few months, make up excuses to delay payout requests, then disappear without a trace. Players lose everything, and the industry’s reputation plummets.

You can ensure this doesn’t happen to you by performing a bit of research. Only join an online casino that’s been around for at least a few years, and has a solid reputation for payouts. It should employ an accredited software brand and be licenced and regulated by a responsible authority, such as the UK, Alderney, Gibraltar, Malta, or Isle of Man.

If any of these qualities are missing, don’t join. Never settle for less. Look for an online casino that meets these requisites.

#2 Don’t Lie During Registration

Once you’ve found that perfect online casino, don’t ruin the experience by lying on the registration form. Use your correct name, address and date of birth. Double check for errors before you submit the form. Mess this up, and you won’t get a paid.

Online casinos are perfectly willing to accept deposits from players, so long as the initial information checks out. If the name and address are the same as what appears on your payment method account, you’ll be allowed to deposit. But when it comes time to withdrawal (if not sooner), you’ll have to verify all of that information, providing a copy of a photo ID, deposit method, and/or utility bill. If these things don’t match up, you can wave bye-bye to your winnings.

#3 Read the Terms, Don’t Violate Them

The terms and conditions of an online casino are there for a reason. They define what the player, and operator, can and cannot do. If the player happens to violate any of these rules, the T&C will state the consequences for those actions.

The section you’ll need to pay most attention to here – the one that gets so many players in trouble – is the bonus terms. If you accept a bonus, you need to know what games you can play, and if there are any wagering or staking limits. Placing offsetting bets is a big no-no!

If you’re looking to clear a $100 bonus, you can’t go to the roulette table, betting $1 on red and $1 on black, until you complete the wagering requirements. That’s a direct violation of the rules. You could have your bonus and winnings stripped away, and in some cases, face immediate account closure.

Read the rules, understand them, and follow them. If the online casino’s legitimate, winners get paid without delay.

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