Most Common Mistakes made by Online Gambling Novitiates

At some point, we’ve all been newbies to the online gambling experience. Chances are, unless you performed due diligence beforehand, you succumbed to at least one of the most common mistakes we all seem to make when taking the initial plunge into the world of internet casinos.

Most Common Online Gambling MistakesOr it could be that you are just now preparing to delve into the online gambling realm, and took a moment to learn what some of those mistakes might be, in hopes of avoiding them. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

And if you fall into the first category, you can at least reminisce as I go over them.

1. Skipping the First-Time Deposit Bonus

The most common mistake many online gambling enthusiasts make is deciding not to claim a first-time deposit bonus. Sadly, I fell for this one myself. I took one look at those wagering requirements and said “nope, that’s not for me. I’m just going to play and cash out my winnings on my own time.”

That was a huge mistake. I dropped $50 into the casino, and they took every penny of it. Later on, when I joined a new site, I took full advantage of the bonus. While my first withdrawal was delayed by wagering requirements, I had such a large bankroll to work with that I got way more entertainment out of it, and ended up cashing out for over $100.

2. Choosing the Wrong Payment Method

I made this mistake, as well, as do the majority of online gamblers – at least, in the beginning. It seems so easy to choose a credit card, because you know the payment is instant, and you have one right there in your back pocket or purse. In reality, digital wallets are always the better option.

For one, with most credit cards, you can’t withdrawal any amount that exceeds your original deposit. So if you deposit $100 and want to withdrawal $200, you can only get the original $100 back via credit card. In fact, you must get the $100 via credit card, then choose another option for the remainder.

Other payment methods, like PayPal and iDebit, come with no such restrictions. Even better, they are often eligible for extra deposit bonuses, such as an additional 10% on top of any other bonus you may be claiming.

3. Underutilizing Practice Play

It’s always a good idea to play the free, demo version of a game before putting any money into it. The Practice Play option allows you to become familiar with table games, video poker and other selections you may need a little instruction or strategy to win. Even for online slots, although the rules are simple enough, a little free experience will tell you if it’s a game you are willing to spend money on.

4. Neglecting Loyalty Rewards Programs

Most online gambling sites will automatically set you up as a loyalty rewards member, but not all of them. If you have to opt-in to a loyalty program, do it! They come with all sorts of promotions, bonuses and exclusive offers you won’t be privy to otherwise.

5. Have fun!

Online gambling isn’t just about trying to make money. That would make it a job, and no one likes working. The games should be seen, above all, as a form of entertainment. You can’t win every time, so if you don’t have fun playing, what’s the point?

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