Do Progressive Online Slot Machines Really Pay Out?

Payout potential of online slots with progressive jackpots.

Progressive Online Slot Machines Really Pay OutLike land-based casinos, internet gambling sites love to advertise the most valuable progressive online slot machines. But, being the internet, there’s a large shadow of doubt cast over whether these jackpots are real. Do they actually pay out?

The short answer is yes. Progressive jackpots can be struck online the same as they can be struck in a land-based casino. They do hit, and they do pay real money. Still have doubts? Here’s some solid evidence to support that fact.

Genuine Progressive Online Slots Winners

There are countless people who have won large prizes from progressive slots. Most of them choose to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons. No one wants all their distant relatives and long-lost friends knocking on their doors with hands extended.

However, there are a few whose names are well known. The most famous among them has to be Jon Heywood. Not only did he win an enormous progressive online slot machine jackpot, he managed to break the world record in the process.

Mr. Heywood was just 26 years old at the time. A young British soldier on leave from service in Afghanistan, he was playing at Betway Casino on his mobile phone on the date of October 6, 2015. He was spinning the reels of Microgaming‘s most lucrative online progressive, the Mega Moolah.

Jon Heywood World Record Progressive Slots WinJon (pictured right, in the red shirt) triggered the bonus wheel on the 5-reel, 25-payline game, and within moments, he was shocked as the screen displayed his release of the ‘mega‘ progressive jackpot. It was worth an astounding €17,879,645.

Think it’s a hoax? Have a glance at the official website of the Guinness World Records. The grinning visage of “Mr. J Heywood” is immortalized here for his part in recording the “largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game”.

What Does One Record Payout Prove?

Yes, that’s just one payout. You might assume that the Mega Moolah doesn’t hit much – not if it’s growing high enough to pay a world record prize! That’s not really the case.

In fact, online progressive slots trackers show that the Mega Moolah is paying very often. This jackpot, seeded at a cool €1,000,000, has paid, on average, every 9 weeks and 5 days since its original launch a decade ago. The average prize per payout is just over US-$5 million.

What If The Casino Doesn’t Pay?

That’s not an issue, so long as you’re playing at a reputable, licenced and regulated online casino. The internet gaming industry is regulated just as heavily as the land-based industry – in some cases, even more so. Failing to make good on a progressive slots jackpot will get a licenced company in very hot water!

Microgaming carries licences for its digital software in numerous jurisdictions, and boasts certification by eCOGRA, the number one name in online gambling assurance. There’s no question about it. If a jackpot win occurs on a Microgaming slot machine, it is paid, and promptly.

Online Slots With Progressive Jackpots

There are many progressive online slot machines on the internet, made by a throng of digital software developers. Some have incredibly high seed amounts, like the Mega Moolah and NetEnt‘s Mega Fortune, both seeding at one million. Others have smaller starting jackpots, ranging anywhere from $10 to $250k.

Every online casino makes it easy to identify their online slots with progressive jackpots. From the lobby, look in the games menu for ‘Progressives‘. They’ll all be organized here, nice and neat for your playing pleasure.

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