Know Your Online Slot Machines

Read the key and rules of online slots for maximum exhilaration.

Understanding the Rules of Online SlotsAll too often, I’ve watched slot machine players stare at the screen with no idea what they’re doing. They sit down, put money in the machine, and press the Spin button repeatedly. They call this entertainment, but how fun can it be to pay for a game, having no clue what it takes to win?

I know full well that the majority of slots fans choose these games because they’re so simple. You don’t actually have to know what’s going on to win. True as that may be, it’s a heck of a lot more fun to understand the games you play. After all, the anticipation of a win is half the fun!

Understanding the Rules of Online Slots

Today’s online slots come in an enormous variety. I’m not just talking about the endless themes, but the vast array of features they employ. Whether it’s a classic 3 reel game with no extra features, or a 5+ reel video slot teeming with bonus rounds, it’s important to understand what symbol combinations release the biggest wins, or trigger those special features.

In my earliest days as a slots player, I had no idea how crucial it was to read the key. I was one of those people mentioned above. I knew activating all paylines was important, but I rarely paid attention to the features until one struck. I’d let the free spins play out, fingers crossed, hoping for a nice win. If I got one, I’d quit and play something else. If not, I’d let it ride.

It didn’t take long to realize that the entertainment value waxed and waned on the strike of a feature. Let me tell you, there was a lot more waning than waxing! I began looking at the key info on each slot machine before I played, and suddenly, I became very picky. Now, I stick to games with the most features and bonus rounds. Not because they produce more profits, but because they produce a much higher level of entertainment.

Seeing two scatter symbols fall on the early reels makes it much more exciting, hoping for a third on the latter reels. Knowing that two special symbols adjacent to one another will trigger a bonus, or wild expansion, or some other feature, makes your heart skip a beat when it happens.

Slot machines – like all casino games – are designed to lose more often than win. This is common knowledge. So getting the absolute highest level of exhilaration out of them should be the most important factor when playing.

Reading the Key and Paytable

The information screen isn’t that difficult to understand, especially with a little practice. It will show you what each symbol is worth for matching them in combinations. You’ll learn about wild symbols, scatters, multipliers, and how to trigger each feature. Read carefully over the key to make sure you understand how all special symbols interact with each other and within the game.

The last piece of the information screen will display its paylines (if applicable). It will show you all possible lines that symbols can match on to create a winning combination. This is more important to understand on games with fewer paylines, like 9 or 15, so you know where to expect a payout, and where not to.

When you read the complete info screen, truly understanding the rules of online slots, you’ll find the games are much more fun. And, you’ll be able to decipher pretty quickly which games you do and don’t want to play.

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