True Value of Slot Machine Tournaments

Get more bang for your buck with online slots tournaments.

online slots tournamentsSlot machines are the most beloved of all gambling amusements in the casinos. They’re so popular, it’s no wonder that thousands of them line the gaming floors, or that 90%+ of all online casino games are reel-spinners. Players wager more money—and in turn, live and online casinos generate more revenue—on slots than any other form of casino gambling in the world.

Such statistics don’t mean much to those of us who love to play the slots. We know that our odds of winning aren’t favorable. No casino game comes with a ‘player edge‘. But we also know that they are immensely entertaining. And there’s always that chance we’ll be the next lucky player to win a jackpot.

No, we’re not going to stop playing slots just because the casino managers are sitting up in their offices, rubbing their greedy little hands together. We don’t give up cable TV because Rogers Cable is getting richer. We enjoy watching cable television, just like we enjoy playing slot machines. However, we could get a lot more bang for our buck by playing smarter.

True Value of Online Slots Tournaments

Instead of spending cash every time you spin the reels, you could play a lot longer, and for a lot less money, by participating in slot machine tournaments. Land-based casinos may offer them on occasion, but some online casinos host regularly scheduled events every week, if not every day.

Think about how much you might spend playing a slot machine for an hour. These games can play very fast. You could easily spin the reels 10 times per minute. On a typical $0.40/spin slot, that’s $4 per minute, $240 per hour.

If you’re playing an online slots game with a 96% payback rate, long term probabilities state you can expect to lose about $10 an hour. Long term probabilities rarely ring true in the short term, but based on the unpredictable nature of these games, we have to look at it from a mathematical standpoint.

So… if, on average, you can expect to lose $10 an hour, wouldn’t it make more sense to spend that $10 to enter a tournament? So long as the tournament lasts at least an hour, you know you’re getting your entertainment’s worth.

Plus, with slot machine tournaments, you’re not competing against the machine, which is pre-programmed to beat you. You’re competing against other players. All you need to win is more luck than the next guy.

International Slots League at Royal Vegas

The International Slots League is the longest running, regularly scheduled online tournament in the world. It’s run by the Fortune Lounge Group, and is exclusive to Fortune Lounge casinos like Royal Vegas and Platinum Play. Their tournament schedule guarantees $40,000 per week, and most of the events are actually freerolls, meaning there’s no cost whatsoever to play. The ones that do charge a fee are usually $10, and last for several hours.

There are many types of online slots tournaments to choose from, as well. Sit’n’go (SNG) tournaments are among the most popular, because they don’t run on a schedule. They start the moment enough payers register. Visit the Official International Slots League Website for more information.

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