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An Assessment of Paypal Casino Deposits at Canada iGaming Sites

An Assessment of Paypal Casino Deposits at Canada iGaming SitesPayPal is one of the most instantly recognized brands in the world. It is the largest online payment provider and, in some countries, is utilized more often than debit cards and credit cards. That’s not the case here in Canada, but the fact remains – PayPal is immensely popular.

So, what is it about Paypal that draws so many people? What does Paypal have to offer the average iGamer that other payment methods do not? And, perhaps most importantly, where can you find Paypal casinos Canada players can trust? Please continue reading to find the answer to all of these question and more.

PayPal and Online Gambling – The Inherent Link That Binds Them

You may remember a time when you couldn’t use PayPal to gamble online. It wasn’t all that long ago, really. But because of the way this industry has changed over the last decade, it feels like an age.

In days past, there were heavy restrictions on the use of PayPal. It was the Western Union of the 2000s; the place to launder your stolen money. Duplicitous scammers used it to generate small fortunes under the cloak of anonymity. Rather than verifying identity by linking to a physical bank account, they would look to spend those ill-gotten gains directly from their Paypal account on high-priced goods. Gambling was, therefore, the perfect outlet for them. They could deposit their illegitimate wealth, make a few small bets, then withdraw to a bank account.

This nefarious method of moving money – the very definition of illegal money laundering – allowed criminals to get that money into their bank account, without ever linking the Paypal account (or their unlawful misdeeds) to their real identity. That’s one of the reasons PayPal placed so many restrictions on their service, and why the payment processor neglected this industry for so long.

At the same time, Paypal was loosing out on millions, if not billions, of dollars. While they were turning a blind eye to the rapidly growing iGaming sector, rival web wallets like Neteller and Skrill were raking in the profits. These companies began small, then exploded with all the erumpent grace of a bursting volcano, purely because of online gambling. It wasn’t until they began rivaling PayPal in size, that the California-based payments brand realized…

…something had to change!

So, change they did. Paypal went to work, overhauling their entire system in an effort to claim their rightful slice of the oh-so-sweet iGaming pie. Online gamblers rejoiced, taking full advantage of Paypal’s change of heart. These days, PayPal is one of the most preferred and widely available payment options, proudly displaying their logo on so many the world’s top online casinos.

The Benefits of PayPal Casino Deposits

While the advantages of Paypal are abundant, I’d like to start out by exposing a few of their favorable, but not-so-unique features. PayPal loves to trumpet the incomparable quality of their safety and security measures. But let’s be honest. We’re more than two decades into the 21st century now. Most payment methods are indubitably secure.

PayPal does offer chargebacks, and again, this is something they like to shout from the rooftops. But it’s something you can also get with a credit card, and even with a bank transfer. Truth be told, even if you’re in the right, chargebacks aren’t the easiest thing to initiate.

So, now that we’ve finished knocking their claims, let’s focus on the things that PayPal is exceptionally good for; those features that really set them apart from the competition.

Paypal’s Exceptional Qualities Include…

  • Bankrolling: All regular and professional gamblers have a bankroll. This is the amount of money they’ve stashed away just for gambling. It is the amount they can afford and are willing to lose; one that they will only add to with their winnings and not with extra cash from their bank. This is usually a figurative amount, but with PayPal you can make it a literal one. Just load your bankroll there and use it as you see fit. You can even use the winnings to shop directly on your favorite online stores, or get a free Paypal debit card and withdrawal your winnings as cash at hundreds of thousands of ATMs worldwide.

  • Accessibility: PayPal is the second most common web wallet promoted by online casinos, second only to Skrill. As a result, it is fairly easy to find an online casino that accepts PayPal, just as it is easy to find a shopping site that uses it.

  • Speed: PayPal is incredibly fast. There is no need to wait 5 days like you might with a credit/debit card or a bank transfer. It is just as quick, and just as easy, as the many Instant Banking features we have discussed on this site (iDebit, Interac, Citadel, etc.) In most cases you can have your money within minutes of requesting a withdrawal. In fact, the only delays in this case are with the casinos themselves, which prefer to hold your cashout for a ‘pending period’ of 24-48 hours.

Where to Find the Best PayPal Casinos

Most of today’s respectable online casinos are happy to process Paypal deposits and withdrawals. Honestly, it has more to do with the player acceptance rating than anything else. While Paypal is perfectly happy to profit from the regulated iGaming industry, it will not work with any operator that accepts players from a country where online gambling is illegal, or even questionable. And then there are, of course, reputable casinos that don’t accept Paypal simply because they feel it costs too much money. Just as players must pay fees on certain Paypal transactions, so must the merchants that employ it.

These issues aside, Canadian casino fans should have no trouble finding a broad selection of high-quality, player-friendly gaming sites. Your best bet is to focus on sites based in Europe. Some of these prefer to work with Skrill and Neteller, but not all.

The Digimedia group owns a small handful of online casinos—including Royal Vegas and Platinum Play—that don’t pick and choose. Jackpot City is another reputable operator that proudly accepts Paypal casino deposits. these websites offer each and every major payment method, including a number of niche ones, and happily cater to the Canadian market. All payments are processed quickly at these websites, and if speed is important, it doesn’t come much better than PayPal.

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