What’s better, Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet Casinos?

Evaluating the pros and cons of playing casino games on tablet, mobile and PC devices.

Playing Casino Games on TabletIf you belong to a typical household, chances are you have access to a desktop or laptop PC computer, a mobile smartphone, and a tablet. Such technology has been around for years. Although our operating systems of choice may vary, most of us do own at least two, if not all three types of electronics.

For the most part, each of these devices are capable of performing the same tasks. Smartphones are the obvious choice for making calls and texting, but for things like online shopping, paying bills, social media, and playing games, any one will get the job done. If you happen to be a fan of online gambling, you may be wondering which is best for the job.

Playing Casino Games on Tablet, Smartphone and PC

When it comes to casino games, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with all three devices. Again, any one will allow you to play casino games for real money. Which is best suited for you? Well, that depends on how you weigh the following pros and cons.

Real Money Casino Games on a Tablet

Pros: Tablets are especially convenient for playing casino games from home. The screen size is much larger and easier to see than a smartphone. It’s still highly portable, unlike a desktop or bulky laptop computer. If you’re curling up on the couch to play, a tablet is the way to go.

Cons: The mobility of tablets only goes so far. You’ll need a home WiFi connection to play for real money. For security reasons, you should never use public WiFi hotspots for any internet activity that involves financial transactions. You can’t play simultaneous casino games, either – the software won’t allow it on a tablet. Then there’s the matter of having to recharge the battery after so many hours of use.

Real Money Casino Games on a Smartphone

Pros: Mobile gambling on a smartphone offers the ultimate convenience of playing from anywhere your travels may take you. Accessing the games on a mobile network ensures a secure connection. Many of today’s top-selling smartphones are built with speedy processors and more than enough RAM to handle the job of loading online casinos games.

Cons: Cheaper smartphones may not be able to handle the heavy graphic animations of mobile casinos. The screen size can be an issue, as well. Slots reels and cards may be easy enough to see, but fine print (rules, pay tables, etc.) can require a great deal of squinting! And again, you’ll need to keep your battery charged up, as casino games tend to pull a lot of juice from mobile devices.

Real Money Casino Games on a PC

Pros: Desktop and laptop computers are often the most secure devices of all. People tend to employ stringent firewalls and anti-virus/anti-malware protection on their PCs, but not so much on tablets and smartphones. Computers come with larger screens for ultimate visibility and aesthetic appeal. They’re also capable of multi-tasking, like running simultaneous games on the same platform, should you be so inclined. Best of all, playing on a PC provides access to a substantially larger variety of games.

Cons: Desktop computers are not portable at all. Laptops can be carried around, but their bulk makes them harder to use when lying in bed or lounging on the couch. For this, playing casino games on tablet or smartphone is greatly preferred.

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