PA’s Mohegan Sun Pays $783k on Progressive Blackjack

Mohegan Sun PconoWhat would you do with an extra $783k in your pocket? That’s the question one very lucky patron of Pennsylvania’s Mohegan Sun Pocono is asking themselves this week. On Saturday, August 27, just one day after it was announced that the casino had broken the record for the highest progressive jackpot in state history, the Blazing 777 Progressive Blackjack tables paid out $783,000.

News of the immense jackpot reached interactive media outlets on Friday, when it was reported the PA casino’s progressive blackjack table had hit an all-time high of $748,000. That represented the highest progressive jackpot Pennsylvania has seen since it opened it’s first casino in 2006, followed by the installment of table games in 2010.

Then on Sunday, just one minute past midnight, Mohegan Sun Pocono made the official announcement on Facebook:

Congrats to the lucky guest that hit the $783,000 progressive jackpot on Blazing 777 Blackjack Saturday night!!!”

The winner’s name has not been revealed, ostensibly choosing to remain anonymous. But there’s little doubt the lucky winner knew exactly what they were doing – and how high the value of that progressive blackjack side bet was – when placing the extra $5 on the table.

How Progressive Blackjack Really Works

Blazing 777 Progressive Blackjack at Mohegan SunWhile a throng of posts came in congratulating the lucky winner on the casino’s Facebook page, a number of negative comments received a lot more attention. Some guests complained via the social media site that Mohegan Sun will tighten up now on its payouts, arguing they’ll have to “recoup that win” before anymore big jackpots are likely to strike. But that’s not actually how progressives work.

By definition, a progressive jackpot is made up of past wagers made by gamblers on that specific game. When a progressive is struck, the casino doesn’t have to pull money out of its pocket to pay it out. That money already exists, and it didn’t even come from the casino in the first place.

In the case of the PA casino’s Blazing 777 Progressive Blackjack, an optional side bet of $5 is made by any player who wishes to wager on a chance to win the progressive jackpot. When that bet doesn’t win – and they rarely do, of course – that bet gets added to the progressive prize pool.

In order for the side bet to pay off, a player who has opted to make such a wager must be dealt at least one 7 in their first two cards. That grants a 2-to-1 payout. If the player is dealt a pair of 7’s, the payout is 25-to-1. Should the dealer also receive a 7 as their up-card, the payout jumps to 200-to-1, unless all of those 7’s happen to be the same color, in which case it jumps even more to 500-to-1.

Releasing the progressive requires all three of those 7’s to be suited. If they are suited in Diamonds, the full progressive is awarded – as was the case for last weekend’s lucky winner. If they are all Clubs, Spades or Hearts, only 10% of the progressive jackpot is paid out.

About Mohegan Sun Pocono

Mohegan Sun Pocono (formerly Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs) on Highway 315 in Plains Township, PA was the very first slots casino to open its doors in the state in November 2006. It’s undergone multiple expansions since then, now hosting over 2,300 slot machines and – thanks to then-Governor Ed Rendell’s passage of a table games bill in 2010 – 91 live dealer tables and a multitude of electronic table games, including the recently introduced Blazing 777 Progressive Blackjack.

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