Gambling Trends: Reconfigurable Casino Slot Machines

Reconfigurable Slot Machine Games coming to a Casino near You?

slot machine gamesImagine every time you wanted a new kitchen appliance, you could just plug a little electronic device to it, press a button, and within moments, the change was made. Wouldn’t’ that be wonderful? Maybe you want your old, white stove and refrigerator replaced with stainless steel. Or perhaps the dish washer isn’t quite getting the job done anymore.

Well, I don’t mean to get your hopes up, but innovations like these aren’t here yet. For gambling establishments who want new casino slot machines, though, that’s essentially what they’re going to have access to in the very near future.

According to the latest market research into gambling trends, reconfigurable slot machines will be the net wave of the future. recently released a report detailing the current and future Slot Machines Market. They believe reconfigurable slots will drive revenue for casinos and games manufacturers, as well as the local governments who regulate them.

Reconfigurable Slot Machine Games

“One of the trend that is likely to gain momentum is the emergence of reconfigurable electronic gambling machines, which can be upgraded with newer games once a game loses its popularity.,” explains MarketResearch. “This trend will prove as a highly cost-effective measure for several casinos.”

These machines could be a game changer for the global casino industry. Countries with major gaming destinations are sure to capitalize on such an opportunity. Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and others will benefit from the transition.

For casinos, when a slot machine’s popularity begins to wither, they don’t have too many options. They could take the cheaper route and move the machine to an area of the gaming floor with less foot traffic. Alternatively, they could contact the game’s manufacturer to come out an remove the game, paying for a newer, more popular version to take its place.

Reconfigurable casino slot machines would put an end to these costly and painstaking practices. When a game fails to harvest interest, the casino can simply request an update to the computer chip within the cabinetry. Viola! A new game is installed.

Whether the update will be performed remotely, or require a technician to come out and update the system, is not yet know. Either way, it will save casinos and manufacturers a great deal of time, effort, and money.

New Casino Slot Machines to Benefit Gov’s

You may have noticed in recent years that more and more governments are regulating the gambling industry. Some are widening opportunities in the land-based casino realm, while others are going all-in on internet gambling activities.

It’s not a matter of supply and demand. These governments are looking at the profitable side of the coin. When you peer closely enough, it’s rather shocking just how much money is flowing into government coffers all over the world from gambling. They charge high licencing fees. They collect taxes from operators (and winners, in some countries). It all translates to billions of dollars for regulating governments.

On the bright side, that money almost always serves the greater good. If it weren’t, citizens would be up in arms over the proliferation of so much gambling. Governments know this. That’s why they regularly advertise their lotteries and casinos as being a boon. They raise money for for local community development, education, senior care, health care, charities and other worthy projects.

It just makes sense. Casinos and manufacturers are going to profit from reconfigurable slot machine games. Governments will naturally do the same.

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