Do Rigged Roulette Tables use Magnets to Cheat?

Do casinos use roulette table magnets to cheat their customers?

Rigged Roulette TablesRoulette is one of those casino games that can be very rewarding, or very disastrous, to a player’s bankroll. It is purely a game of chance, and luck has a lot to do with each bettor’s results. A house edge exists on every possible wager, so the casino is always going to come out ahead in the long run. But is it possible that they’re taking extra measures to ensure their players lose?

Throughout time, many players—especially those with significant losses—have accused casinos of using magnets on roulette tables to cheat their players. High-roller tables in private VIP rooms have been especially suspect.

Today, we’ll talk about whether it’s true or not, how likely you are to come across a rigged roulette wheel, and how to guarantee you’re not being played for a fool.

Roulette Table Magnets

Roulette Table MagnetsThe theory is that by placing a ball with a metal center (iron or steel) into the wheel, with a strategically placed and manipulable magnet underneath, the casino can effectively alter the results of a spin. Some say the magnet can cause the ball to drop into a specific slot, while others say it only increases the odds that the ball will drop into a certain segment of the wheel.

Unfortunately, it is true that some operators have used such duplicitous means. It would be unrealistic to think rigged roulette tables no longer exist. However, you’re more likely to find them in underground gambling dens. Casinos that are licensed and regulated know better than to attempt to cheat their customers in this way.

In legal gambling jurisdictions, like Las Vegas and Macau, the government demands strict compliance with regulatory guidelines. All games must be fair. In European Roulette, a bet on dozens (i.e. 25-36) has a 31.58% probability of winning. If the game does not afford this exact probability, the casino can get in big trouble with the regulator. It can lose its gambling license, and be subject to a hefty fine.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all regulated casinos do not use magnets, but it certainly decreases the odds of it happening. They would be risking their entire business just to win a few extra dollars on the gaming floor.

Don’t Get Duped By Rigged Roulette Tables

There’s only on way to ensure you’re not playing on a rigged roulette wheel, and it may actually surprise you. You have to play certified electronic roulette games, such as the ones provided by Microgaming-powered online casinos.

Microgaming’s software is certified safe and fair by a third-party auditing firm called eCOGRA. This company individually runs every single game, including all roulette variations, through rigorous testing. The auditor spins the electronic wheel a minimum of one million times to ensure the odds of winning on any bet matches realistic probabilities. These tests are run at regular intervals, multiple times per year, with the results displayed on every Microgaming casino via the ‘eCOGRA Safe & Fair‘ logo at the bottom of each website.

Ten or twenty years ago, the thought that online casinos would actually be safer and more fair than the land-based variety would have been preposterous. But in today’s technologically evolving world, that has become the reality of the situation.

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