Christmas Miracle brings $1.16 Million Slots Jackpot to Saskatoon Man

Christmas morning is a time of wondrous joy, when children’s eyes alight with pleasure, and adults come together to enjoy the bounty of the season. Gifts are exchanged aplenty as one and all give from their hearts and wallets. For one Canadian gentleman, no holiday present could compare to the Christmas gift he received – a slots jackpot worth $1.16 million.

Ben Vuong of Saskatoon found himself in sharing the holiday spirit with his friends at Dakota Dunes Casino on the evening of December 25, 2015. Located on the territory of the White Cap Dakota First Nation, the casino was a short distance from his Saskatoon home, making it a perfect place to visit to celebrate the special occasion.

Mr. Vuong was already having a wonderful time, with a perpetual smile plastered across his face, when something happened that startled and somewhat confused him. He was playing the Smoke Signals slot machine when all of a sudden, lights began to flash and whistles rung through the air.

Suspecting he may have won a substantial amount of money due to the machine’s reaction, he later expressed his emotions to the press. “I just couldn’t believe it,” said Mr. Vuong. “I stood up and asked people what was happening to the machine.”

Smoke Signals Slots Jackpot pays $1.16M
Ben Vuong (3rd from left) accepts $1.16M checque after winning
Smoke Signals slots jackpot – photo courtesy Dakota Dunes Casino

As the staff rushed over with casino patrons looking on, it was confirmed – Ben Vuong had just won a massive $1,166,462.61 slots jackpot.

The Smoke Signals slot machine is rather unique, as far as progressive slots jackpots go. Networked across six slots throughout Saskatchewan casinos, the jackpot is seeded at $1,000,000 each time its hit, and is guaranteed to strike pay-dirt before it exceeds the $2,000,000 mark. Thus players are assured the jackpot will release within a reasonable period of time, rather than the multitude of years it can take standard progressive slots jackpots to pay out.

Gary Daniels, Manager of Dakota Dunes Casino, was especially pleased by the news of Mr. Vuong’s good fortune. “Many of our workers are super happy,” he said. “They tell me the winner is a very nice gentleman who always has a smile. We’re glad we have given him even more to smile about.”

Daniels added, “Not only was it Christmas Day, but it was a full moon, so it was a spectacular day.”

Shortly after the big win, Mr. Vuong was unable to come up with a solid response when asked if he had any plans for the 7-figure payout. “It’s been a whirlwind,” he explained.
Oddly enough, five days after winning the slots jackpot, the fortunate casino goer, who said he only visits Dakota Dunes about 4 times a year with friends, still hadn’t come up with any substantial plans for the million dollar win.

Taking an altruistic approach to the situation, he said “I’ll probably sit on it for a couple of months and decide what to do with it reasonably.”

Mr. Vuong was most appreciative not for the money, but for his wonderful family and friends, who were all genuinely delighted by his fortuitous success. “All my friends and family are quite ecstatic and very happy for me. I’m very grateful,” he said. “They know me as a person and they know I’m very grateful for this win.”

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