Slow and Steady wins the Casino Slots Race

How to play slot machines on a budget for maximum entertainment.

How to play slot machines on a budget for maximum entertainmentThere’s no question that slot machines can be the most entertaining games in any casino. They come in all shapes and sizes, featuring myriad themes to appeal to any and all players types. They also offer an opportunity to win a life changing amount of cash in a single spin. You won’t get that from any standard blackjack table.

If played incorrectly, slot machines can eat through a bankroll faster than the roast beef disappears at a senior’s happy hour buffet. A lot of gamblers avoid these games because of it. But with the right approach, even a small bankroll can last a long time.

How to Play Slot Machines on a Budget

There are several things you can do as a player to ensure maximum entertainment on a budget. Heed the following tips, and you can easily stretch $20 over at least an hour of exhilarating slots play.

1. Slow and Steady wins the Casino Slots Race

The golden rule here is to take your time. Slots are designed to siphon cash from players as quickly as possible, but only if you let them. First of all, never, ever use the auto-play function. Not only does it keep the reels spinning at mach speed, it eliminates player engagement. What’s the fun in playing slot machines if you aren’t even playing them? If you want entertainment staring at a screen, go to the movies, not the casino.

Second, wait for each spin to come to a compete stop before hitting any buttons. You could press the Spin button again to stop the reels faster, but why should you? All results are random anyway, so it won’t help you win. It will only accelerate the depletion of your bankroll.

Last, don’t skip the payout screen. If you win any amount, big or small, let those animated coins fall into your credit balance. Skipping the ‘you win‘ animation is like saying, ‘no thanks, I don’t want a cherry on top’. Take the cherry! Savor the cherry! 🙂

2. Play Slots with Multiple Bonus Features

Bonus features are great. They make the games more entertaining by infusing special second-screen games into the mix. This alone can make a game more entertaining. Even better, when a bonus feature triggers, you’re no longer spending your own money to play. Free spins, pick-me games, board game mimics; they all make the game last longer, and increase your potential to win higher amounts of money.

3. Play All Lines, But at a Reasonable Price

Any slot machine that has multiple paylines – whether it’s 3, 9, 25 or 50 – should be played at full lines. In order to get the maximum payout potential, all lines should be active at all times. That usually means paying one credit for each line played. This can get expensive, though, if you’re not careful. A 40-line slots played at $0.05 per line costs $2 per spin. That’s way too expensive on a budget.

Play a game with a reasonable number of paylines, and set the per-line bet low. A 15 line game at $0.01 per line will cost $0.15 per spin. That’s a lot more manageable.

4. Progressive Jackpot? No, Thank You!

Sure, we’re all hoping for the big win, but progressive jackpots and budget bankrolls don’t mix. Progressive slot machines always have lower payback percentages, often below 90% online, and 80-85% in land-based casinos. Which brings us to…

5. Look for the Highest RTP Slots

The RTP, or return to player, is the theoretical payback percentage of a slot machine. A 97% RTP means the machine will, over time, pay back $0.97 for every $1.00 it takes in. Look hard enough, and you can find slot machines with 98% or even 99% RTPs. You won’t see that exact RTP in the short term, but in the long run, your bankroll will thank you for it.

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