Vancouver Casino to Auction Gambling Game Tables & More

A recently closed Vancouver casino is auctioning off gambling game tables and more.

Gambling game tables up for Auction by Vancouver CasinoIt’s not everyone who owns a home with a spare room. But if one of the kids has moved off to college, and you find yourself with some extra space to fill, you may want to consider visiting Vancouver, BC next week. The recently defunct Edgewater Casino will be auctioning off some interesting objects to fill it with.

Gambling Game Tables & More Up for Grabs

If you happen to be a gambling enthusiast like myself, this is one auction you won’t want to miss out on. Edgewater has lots of items to clear out of its old casino. This is your opportunity to get your hands on professional baccarat, blackjack, and roulette tables, poker tables, and other unique gambling game items.

There’s lots of other things up for grabs too. All of today’s modernized casinos have flat screen TVs lining the upper walls of their lounge areas. You can expect those to be in the auction as well, along with a multitude of office supplies and other knick-knacks the old casino won’t be needing anymore.

The auction hosted by Able Auctions, will take place on the morning of Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 10:00am at 750 Pacific Boulevard. The facility will be open on Monday as well, allowing interested buyers to get a preview of all the items.

Vancouver Casino Closed For Good

Located on the pristine waterfront of False Creek, the Edgewater Casino was a staple in the Vancouver area for 12 years. In fact, it was the only casino in Vancouver. As for why it closed its doors for good on September 29, 2017, it had nothing to do with poor performance.

In the 2016-17 fiscal year, the property generated $168 million in revenue. But provincial regulators at the British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC) decided it was time for a change. The Edgewater Casino was replaced by the new Parq Vancouver, a bigger, more luxurious integrated resort property that held its grand opening on the very same day.

Out with the old, in with the new‘, as the old adage goes.

Roulette Gambling game tables at Able AuctionsBeing such a newly renovated property, Parq Vancouver will only be keeping some of the old gambling games. The slots have stayed intact, for now, and some of the gaming tables are still there. But newer tables have been ushered in to replace some of them, resulting in next week’s unique casino auction.

This is the final chance for former fans of the old Edgewater Casino to grab a souvenir. Or maybe for those who feel they’ve lost a bit too much money to the gambling hall in the last 12 years, now’s the time to settle to the score. The last vestiges of the world-class gaming hall will disappear for good after Tuesday’s auction.

Was Parq Vancouver Worth The Expense?

It took 10 years of prodding and proposing to get BCLC on board with the Parq Vancouver project. It’s been lauded as a magnet for attracting additional tourists, and subsequent revenue, to the Vancouver area. But some say the prospectus is way overblown.

The biggest argument against spending hundreds of millions of dollars to re-brand and renovate an already prosperous location is that it’s a waste of money. Vancouver is already a high-ranking tourist destination. Naysayers don’t believe that the new Vancouver casino will actually draw in any more visitors or money than the old one.

We’ll just have to wait for the 2017-18 revenue reports to come in before we find out who’s right.

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