Ways to Win Real Money Online Instantly

Learn how to win real money online instantly with three quick mobile casino games.

There are hundreds of different ways to gamble. All afford an opportunity to risk money in hopes of a return. However, very few of them deliver the instant gratification so many of today’s players are looking for.

If there’s one thing casinos and lottery organizers have discovered in recent years, it’s that today’s millennials differ greatly from the world’s ‘greatest generation‘ of seniors. While the 65+ prefer to savor the anticipation leading up to a win, those born in 90s enjoy a faster pace.

Likewise, today’s seniors are more apt to visit a land-based casino for much of their gambling pleasure. Bound to their smartphones, the millennial generation takes a more technologically advanced approach. They seek out mobile gambling sites and apps, giving them access to hundreds of games on the go.

Ways to Win Real Money Online Instantly

With the needs of millennials in mind, the following list of games are geared towards this younger generation of gamblers. They provide the instant gratification they so strongly desire, and are readily available for online and mobile play.


Scratchies / Scratch Cards

Win real money online instantly with scratch cardsThere’s no faster way to win a prize than a scratch off lottery ticket. They can be found in retail stores all over the world, and are simple to play. Purchase a ticket, scratch it off with a coin, key or any other edged object you have handy, and within moments you’ll know if you’ve won.

For mobile users, scratchies play out even faster. Users can swipe their fingers across the screen for a more realistic experience, or simply tap a button to instantly reveal the full contents of the digital card. Mere seconds stands between you and a win or loss.

Online Keno

Win real money online instantly with kenoThe keno games played at land-based casinos take place at regular intervals, slowly revealing the numbers to build anticipation. The ones at mobile casinos are indubitably faster. Players can select their numbers, or choose a quick pick option, and the game immediately starts thereafter.

Like the scratch cards described above, players can wait for all of the numbers to be revealed, or press a button to instantaneously complete the process. It doesn’t get much faster than that!

Slot Machines

Win real money online instantly with slot machinesYou may not consider slot machines to be a good way to win real money online instantly, but that’s not the case. Slots were actually the very first game built on the basis of speed. More than one hundred years ago, players pulled a lever and knew within seconds if they’d won. Aside from features and much greater accessibility via the internet, there’s been very little change in the last century.

Not only are slots a very quick way to win (or lose) real money, the entertainment factor is considerably higher. It’s no longer a matter of lining up a few analogous symbols across the reels. Today’s games are packed with wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers and other special bonus rounds that help to immerse players into the game.

Furthermore, slot machines can award a massive payout, for just a small amount of money. Even penny slots can carry a colossal prize. Microgaming‘s Mega Moolah progressive paid out a world record jackpot of €17.8 million to a 26 year old mobile player in 2015 after he’d spent just €0.40 to spin the reels.

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